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should I say something

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starflake Mon 24-Feb-14 07:59:53

Myself and dp are having minor issues in bedroom, he's finding it hard to get an erecrion! He feels pressurised by this now so I'm not pushing it to let him relax about it.
Last night he went to bed early so I was on his laptop, I decided to check his history on it to see if he was watching porn. He had been, twice that I can see in last few weeks.
Porn isn't a major biggie for me but the fact he is having this problem with me is making me feel uneasy about the porn use. I don't want him replacing sex with porn as its not as as pressuring for him.
So do I tell him I checked his history or leave it be and see does it sort itself out!

starflake Mon 24-Feb-14 08:00:43


Lweji Mon 24-Feb-14 08:22:53

Could he just be checking if he could get an erection to ascertain what was causing it?

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 24-Feb-14 08:27:13

If he's experiencing erectile dysfunction he should talk to a doctor. There are a lot of physical reasons for ED (rather than it being a mental block necessarily) and many are very treatable. Porn looked at a couple of times in a few weeks doesn't sound like he's replaced you with it exactly and I would agree with Lweji's rationale. But, rather than feeling pressurised or the pair of you getting into some awkward rejection spiral, he should talk to someone who can help

pinkfluffypoodleface Mon 24-Feb-14 11:31:18

He might have been looking at the type of porn he used to to see if he is able to get an erection in private.

Would he see a doctor?

I think you're handling it well & with thought & consideration for him.

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