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How to know to make the first move

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Turnedouttoes Sun 23-Feb-14 20:08:15

Broke up with an ex three years ago, never got over him at all. We were too young to be in that serious a relationship and it's always felt like we'll meet again when were more mature.
We've loosely kept in touch over time and met up a few times but haven't spoken for the last year or so while he had a gf. We've recently both been through break ups and he sent me a message via my blog site, just about enjoying my blog recently.
We've exchanged a few comments on each other's blogs and he sent me a message saying he was sorry to see I'm single again.
We've also exchanged a few snapchats with him being a bit flirty.
I've noticed he's on Facebook chat quite often but I'm too nervous to actually start a conversation. I keep thinking that if he was interested he'd have started talking to me first.
Also don't want to start a conversation to be disappointed that he's not interested but I can't keep wondering forever.
So should I speak to him and I don't want to just say hi, how are you?

scornedwoman67 Sun 23-Feb-14 20:38:02

If you don't you will always wonder 'what if?'

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Go for it!

hermionepotter Sun 23-Feb-14 21:23:06

perhaps send a fb message instead? just a chatty hi, how are you - then he can take his time to reply and keeps it fairly casual. No rush I'd say, assuming you're both still young and just getting over breakups?

Turnedouttoes Sun 23-Feb-14 21:40:31

Oh a Facebook message is a good idea, then I won't be paranoid about having to think of a reply straight away.
Think I just need a bit of Dutch courage and then bite the bullet.

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