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Such bad timing, relationship coming to a end and Pregnant

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Mintymoomoo Thu 13-Feb-14 21:38:09

Things are a bit of a mess!!!

Been with my DP 2 years, don't live together and I have 3 DC's from previous marriage!

Things started going tits up in the summer, found some messaging between him and a ex (100% was just messages nothing else and was more him than her) and also his drinking started effecting things when he seem to spend the whole summer sat in my garden getting lashed while I went out cleaning other people's houses everyday to support my kids!

So get to now and I'm nearly 9 weeks pregnant, huge shock!!! When I first told him I was pregnant straight away said he didn't want it, after a week of hell and pressuring me (all the usual maybe we could get married then try for baby in few years etc) he told me if I kept baby he would have nothing to do with it and it would be the end of us! I made the decision to keep the baby and do it alone with my 3dc based 100% on the fact that I was prepared to do it alone!

24 hours later he is back saying of course he would not just have nothing to do with his child and basically seems to half heartily be coming to terms with it and now says he is quite excited etc!

Thing is thing were going wrong before now there just bloody awful!! I just want him out my life, I have lost all respect for how he has behaved over my pregnancy and I the fact he messaged his ex begging to meet up and his drinking has caused major problems and i dread him coming here at the weekends because I know he is going to stand in the kitchen sinking bottles of wine and expect me to stand there with him while he moans come 7pm on a Friday night as to why the kids are not having a early night!!!!

He is a shit dad to the one son he has, a shit role model for my children! We deserve better he is really nothing but a loser!!!

I'm not really sure why I'm posting think I know what I need to do, just I can't gather the courage, feeling so sad

Offred Thu 13-Feb-14 21:41:52

Yes, you need to dump him but please be a bit kinder to yourself. You're looking after 3 kids on your own, pregnant with and unexpected baby, working hard and dealing with an alcoholic loser bf you don't want to be with. Take a breather and try to summon the strength to get him out of your life.

innisglas Fri 14-Feb-14 04:55:01

Sounds like you answered yourself when you wrote down your problem. Good luck!

Mintymoomoo Fri 14-Feb-14 07:34:23

Thanks ladies, yeah I know what I need to do, just struggling to find the strength at the moment, feeling so sad and down about everything

CoffeeTea103 Fri 14-Feb-14 07:49:38

At least you have realized the situation for what it is and not blindly going along like some people would, this means you are a much stronger person! Once you have made this decision you just need to work out the logistics of how to get him out of your life.
You are right, you deserve so much more than this and your kids do too! Best of luck.

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