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When do you know that a friendship has run its course?

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TheExcitablePrawn Sun 09-Feb-14 17:29:55

Just that really...

Been thinking about a long-standing friendship of mine, our lives are very intertwined in lots of ways, but just wondering how close we really are.

Have you had a situation when you've realised you're just not that close to someone anymore? What happened? Or what would it take to make you realise, do you think?

Just pondering whilst making DCs tea- if I don't answer immediately, I will return in a bit!

lifesgreatquestions Sun 09-Feb-14 17:32:33

Maybe the friendship just needs a breather? If there aren't issues then just having away for a bit but remaining friendly could be enough to maintain it on the back burner?

TheExcitablePrawn Sun 09-Feb-14 17:44:14

Yes, maybe that might be a good idea, then I can get some further perspective. I don't want to drip feed (will explain properly when I've got time later!), but I feel let down by how she's reacted to the end of my friendship with another mutual friend. (Who had treated me badly, but that's another thread). I'm fed up of her sitting on the fence ALL the time. As I said, I will explain in detail later.

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