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sorry need help re friend

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dementedmumof6 Thu 06-Feb-14 18:01:35

My friend who fled with the help of women's aid saw a solicitor this morning who told her that she must hand over her child to his father as per the custody agreement despite women's aid telling her not to , he also told her that the ex has a good chance of custody as he has his own house and a good job and that he won't be able to get an injunction for her as he wasn't violent the abuse was all mental.

Can someone please tell me if this is right and if she should give her child to her ex and hope he hands him back at the end of visitation or follow women's aids advice and refuse access until she has residency in place.

sorry I know its probably a really stupid question but have been telling her to listen to women's aid but am worried that the wrong thing to say also the solicitor she saw today was one recommended by womens aid

I have also just found out that the solicitor she saw today kept her childs birth certificate

Rightallalong Thu 06-Feb-14 19:53:34

I would go with Women's Aid who have experience in dealing with these situations all the time.

That is based on my instincts and not experience though.

A solicitor will tell a client the legal stance on a position. Legally, yes, it may be that he's entitled to see his child for visitation and that she will be breaking the agreement in place.

But Women's Aid have advised against it and will back that up for the reasons they've given her.

I would speak to the people at Women's Aid to highlight her confusion if she's not able to clarify for herself.

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