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date issues! bit daft

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jesy Thu 06-Feb-14 09:03:05

Well date went well apart from one little bumping into flings best mate but I have too issues .
1, bumping to flings best mate . Last night it was a racing event went to I know my fling is into it do you I think I should mention it to the new guy in case he knows him or he is there another time.
I've been very honest with new guy ,so I just wonder do I mention it or not ?

Number 2 , on way home we stopped off for cuddles so to speak and we played around for a bit and he asked if I wanted to ha e sex , both agreed we wanted to but I don't either of us were that sure and it sort of went off the boil.
He texted me when he got hone and said he wants it to be special for us.

I'm sure dating meant to be easier when your older lol

hermionepotter Thu 06-Feb-14 09:29:21

Was it your first date with this man? It sounds fine don't sleep with him until you're ready and don't worry about telling him where your ex goes it's not your problem, you could mention it if you happen to bump into your ex I suppose, but that might not happen, and presumably you'll go somewhere else on your next date.

So just enjoy it and try not to over-think smile

jesy Thu 06-Feb-14 09:42:24

We been dating for about five weeks ,it's been six dates.
I'd gone a bit quiet after bumping into ex's best mate n date thought I was bored it was just a shock to see him though.
I even said I'd go again. As I did enjoy myself as it was different night out.
May be if I do go n bump into fling then mention it to date .
As for th he sex I wanted to but not in a car !

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