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I have to get this off my chest. It's a rant, has made me feel better, but noone has to read.

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cafesociety Tue 04-Feb-14 17:11:14

I know a man who goes from one vulnerable, lonely woman [with their own house and kids, and with problems] to another. He gets somewhere to live, for he is 'so good with the kids' and does some baby sitting/slobbing in front of the TV. What a lovely man. He even has his own income and can treat them all now and then [when he feels like it, to impress/reel them in]. The woman gets sex. Fantastic.

Except he gets more and more aggressive, entitled and controlling. Constantly rowing and arguing so things go all his way. The kids love him though as he buys burgers and chips, his favourite and so the women tolerate it. He then uses/creates one big row so he can storm out as he's getting fed up with the kids/same woman now...the women eventually let him leave as they are sick of the rowing, aggression and constant arguing/moaning. He then runs to his elderly parents [he's 40!], one of whom is disabled and lodges there [rent free, he's a blue eyed boy] and plays the victim.

He tries to get the woman back, she starts wondering if she's done the right thing [it's damn lonely without him] and sleeps with him a couple of times [he's punching the air: result! without having any household duties/babysitting/chores either].

Meanwhile he's free isn't he? So he goes clubbing and pubbing and meets the next long as she is vulnerable, struggling somehow, has kids, is very grateful, and has her own house [this is a must]. It begins again....he's on number 3 now.

And guess what, his sister is the same. She targets older, solvent 'friends' who are having a bad time due to personal problems, a recent bereavement etc. and starts to promise undying friendship, support and company [and actually on her terms, eventually very one sided].....only to move on when a better bet comes along - or the person befriended gets fed up with her emotional and verbal abuse for she has no respect for vulnerable people really....they exist to make her feel good about herself.

Then she explains to mummy and daddy how she tried sooo hard, for sooo long to help this person [who saw through them and got rid]. What a lovely daughter she is isn't she, and aren't other people [outside the family] horrible to her?

This is a rant. This brother and sister, I think, have been spoilt rotten and feel entitled to treat anyone just how they want to, and then discard if their life-sucking, sulking needs aren't met to the letter at the exact time, in the exact place and in the exact, correct way - their way.

And the parents still dote and flatter and adore them, and give money/free holidays etc to these two bloodsuckers who leave a trail of hurting people in their wake. It's disgusting.......Rant over.

LuisSuarezTeeth Tue 04-Feb-14 17:13:41

I know a man exactly like this. You have my sympathy OP.

LuisSuarezTeeth Tue 04-Feb-14 17:14:17

Did he do it to you?

TinselTownley Tue 04-Feb-14 17:23:07

If it wasn't for the sister thing, I could name a fair few fellas with the same MO.

If they've never had to grow up, they're never going to, are they?

Do either of these people have children of their own? If not, while unsavoury, I suppose that's one thing in their favour.

cafesociety Tue 04-Feb-14 17:26:43

Ironically the sister targeted me. [I'm female with a grown family and GC, we met when I was in a very bad place emotionally]. More fool me. She has treated me appallingly, the 'friendship' is over. She has now moved on to a [twice] widower.....

I have just realised the roots of the behaviours of both and drawn parallels between the sister and brother. Obviously the parents/family dynamics are the clue here.

They both act like parasites and I can only think the way their parents are [very indulgent and 'frightened', if that's the right word...of them].

Both bullying, verbally abusive with a thick veneer of niceness/charm over it all.

I feel for the parents who have not seen either of them settle and form loving, lasting relationships with families.....something means it isn't going to happen for either of them.

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