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i farted during

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SayCheesePlease Sat 01-Feb-14 23:20:44


just a small, but obvious one. was very embarrassed and pretended i was done, even though i wasn't

dh was good enough to carry on as though nothing happened

Diamondjoan Sat 01-Feb-14 23:27:12

Shit happens! We just have a laugh and carry on, which can break the stride itself.

handfulofcottonbuds Sat 01-Feb-14 23:29:55

pretended i was done, even though i wasn't

So funny!

iamonthepursuitofhappiness Sat 01-Feb-14 23:33:41

Hahahahaha! SCP, at least it was your DH and not a new man yu were trying to impress!

SayCheesePlease Sat 01-Feb-14 23:37:37

words are not consoling me!!!

sent him to get me water straight after, i just couldn't face him doubleblush

am pretending to be asleep while he's downstairs watching tv

CuntyBunty Sat 01-Feb-14 23:41:02

I did it by accident during shagging last week, for the first time in 20 years with DH. We fart in front of each other all the time when not having sex. Just console yourself with the fact (?) that you didn't pause and lift one leg up.

handfulofcottonbuds Sat 01-Feb-14 23:41:52

Still laughing!

wadi1983 Sat 01-Feb-14 23:46:53

it's ur husband... What's the big deal..

Dp and I fast all the time, sometimes during sex, we just say ' I'm gonna fart, sorry'

and the other one normally says 'go on then'
We smile and carry on, if it really stinks, we sometimes have to start over grin bur it's fun wink

Joysmum Sat 01-Feb-14 23:53:50

So sad that you feel that self conscious. DH and I would find it funny and that would normally set more off!

LyndaCartersBigPants Sun 02-Feb-14 00:08:05

I know it's gonna happen one of these days, but I know DP will think it's hilarious while I will be mortified as I haven't done it in his presence in 18 months (much butt clenching needed!)

I think it's sad that you're so self conscious in front of your DH and the moment to giggle about it passed, leaving you feeling embarrassed. The only options are a) never to speak of it (bit odd!) or b) have a giggle about it and say I wasn't really done, but I was all embarrassed about farting. I'm sure he'll laugh and tell you not to be silly.

ettiketti Sun 02-Feb-14 00:13:26

Tsch I've farted during cunnilingus! We had been together a very short time but 15 years on, I'm still farting regularly and he's still here wink

morethanpotatoprints Sun 02-Feb-14 00:16:46


How long have you been married. I too would have been a bit mortified in the early years, you get beyond that after a while.

BumPotato Sun 02-Feb-14 01:00:32

Pfft, I was hoping OP was going to say during oral sex. That would have been funnier.

Merel Sun 02-Feb-14 01:06:31

Many years ago I fanny farted in an ex-bfs face when we were engaged in a 69 position, me on top, him helpless. As embarrassed as I was, it made me laugh quite heartily, and with every chortle came another expulsion of wind. The more I let rip, the more it made me laugh. Bit of a catch 22. Luckily the man of the moment saw the funny side. I'm not sure I would have done in his position though. I suppose I got him back for the time he started humming along to Erasure on the radio whilst he was going down on me.

BumsyClugger Sun 02-Feb-14 01:16:52

I farted during oral sex once, early on in a relationship. He'd not been down there long, and due to the fact I hadn't farted in front of him at that point I had a lot of wind backed up.

It just fell out!

He was not impressed. Mostly because his head was under the duvet. It was like a kinky version of Dutch ovens for the poor bloke.

I, on the other hand, was crying with laughter. It was the look on his face when he popped his head up what set me off. Was very much like this hmm

handfulofcottonbuds Sun 02-Feb-14 01:27:35

bumsy - now that's funny!

ChubbyKitty Sun 02-Feb-14 01:27:42

Bumsy that's one of the funniest thing I've read in a while!grin

handfulofcottonbuds Sun 02-Feb-14 01:33:35

The look on his face got me hmm

YoureBeingASillyBilly Sun 02-Feb-14 01:39:14

grin at bumsy!

Takingbackmonday Sun 02-Feb-14 02:56:54

Question is... Did it smell?

I can't see the problem - he's your husband!!

BOFtastic Sun 02-Feb-14 03:02:25

Be reassured- here's an anecdote about the Queen:

Was riding in a carriage with a dignitary during a State Visit. One of the horses broke wind appallingly.
The Queen said ''I'm most dreadfully sorry!''
''That's perfectly alright Ma'am, had you not said anything, I would have thought it was the horse''.

And then there's this old theatre story:

During a 'run through' of the play at Bromley's Churchill Theatre, a rather well known and loved actress, playing Madame Arcati, passed wind very loudly.
Naturally we all fell about and five minutes later after umpteen apologies, the wonderful lady looked out front and said to the Director:
"Again, my apologies, where would you like us to go from?"
"From the fart!" was the Director's reply.
Collapse of all concerned.

SayCheesePlease Sun 02-Feb-14 09:40:38

we've been together 8 years, and this is the first time its happened,
if he'd let rip in front of me, i wouldn't be so mortified, but my clenching didn't work this time

bumsy that made me lol, it could have been worse (in my scenario)will

SayCheesePlease Sun 02-Feb-14 09:42:13

will console myself

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Sun 02-Feb-14 09:52:34

Be of good heart OP.

It have been worse. Very, very much worse. NSFW.

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Sun 02-Feb-14 09:53:54

Cock. Insert "could" before "have".

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