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Feeling utterly wrung out & need support

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themidwife Tue 21-Jan-14 08:18:18

STBXH & I separated 18 months ago & got back together 3 months later. We had many highs & lows & he continued to live apart from us but spent a lot of time at home with us. We had couples counselling & many plans for him to move back in. Before Christmas I said we needed to shit or get off the pot now & sort ourselves out after Christmas.

Christmas was tense & illness, work & his attitude spoilt things. Just after New Year he went awol saying he needed time & space to work & concentrate on that.

Last weekend he had my youngest DD for weekend & she came home on Sunday & said there had been a strange lady & her children in Daddy's house she didn't know. I confronted him when he dropped her off & apparently he met her out somewhere last tuesday night & was now seeing her & our relationship was over but because in his mind we split up on boxing day he has done nothing wrong.

We made love over new year & he did not end the relationship with me although he avoided me.

How could he wheel a new woman & a her kids in after 5 days to meet my DD & start seeing someone without even telling me it's over between us?

I'm reeling with shock & disbelief. Tell me it gets better!

themidwife Tue 28-Jan-14 19:26:21

It'll be adultery. He's admitted it including her name in writing.

skyeskyeskye Fri 31-Jan-14 10:17:36

How did you get on in court? I hope you are doing OK.

themidwife Fri 31-Jan-14 14:20:19

He didn't turn up! Sigh! Another hearing in 2 months & now an application from my side to change the order.

skyeskyeskye Fri 31-Jan-14 14:44:14

What a twat. They should just throw it out if he can't be bothered to turn up.

captainmummy Fri 31-Jan-14 14:55:01

'Unreasonable behaviour' has to have examples and reasons.
Adultery has to have proof.

ultimately, to contest costs money.

themidwife Fri 31-Jan-14 16:06:44

We have proof of adultery so no problem there. He can wait for the absolute though!

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