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The reasons why a 30something man would have a UTI type symptoms

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Normalisavariantofcrazy Tue 21-Jan-14 07:19:16

Please reassure me because the only logical reason dr Google is telling me is from an STI and I know he won't have got it from me.

'D'H is off to the drs this morning with fairly clear burning when peeing and frequent urination type symptoms.

I have cause for concern about cheating anyway - secretive behaviour, argumentative over ridiculous things, mysterious spending, hiding his phone, going 'to the shops' for hours and bringing home no shopping... But this takes the piss, quite literally.

akawisey Tue 21-Jan-14 07:22:59

Make yourself an appointment too OP. Then decide what you're going to do.

MissPryde Tue 21-Jan-14 07:29:01

I do believe there are other medical reasons for a man to have those symptoms. However, I would be extremely concerned with his other behavior.

Do get yourself tested, OP. Many STI's are asymptomatic for women. I urge you to test regardless of what he tells you his results are - unfortunately if he is cheating, it's possible he'll be dishonest about this as well.

Normalisavariantofcrazy Tue 21-Jan-14 07:36:36

I think I'm going to have to. I just don't trust him

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 21-Jan-14 07:41:12

Burning when peeing and frequent urination can be symptomatic of a bladder or kidney infection. Uncommon in men under 50, but not necessarily contracted sexually. I agree that his other behaviour is a concern.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 21-Jan-14 07:47:54

Could be a uti, could be chlamydia. Get yourself checked.

poopooheadwillyfatface Tue 21-Jan-14 07:50:01

could be a standard uti.
but could well be non specific urethritis usually caused by chlamydia. If you have other cause for concern a check up at the GUM clinic would be wise.

FergusSingsTheBlues Tue 21-Jan-14 07:56:07

Well my husband has prostratitis...he had similar's taken forever to be diagnosed and they ran the std tests as well which was stressful.

And he was worried about telling me that anything was wrong because he said the response always seems to be "affair" if there's anything genito urinary. Also, diseases like chlamydia can stay dormant for years, so you can't just write a guy off because of a sore dick.

In light of his secretive behaviour...though....I'd make him an appointment.

NotYouNaanBread Tue 21-Jan-14 08:24:22

DH used to have this when he was stressed, or sometimes after sex when he'd had a little too much to drink. It would always go away on its own.

meditrina Tue 21-Jan-14 08:32:09

UTIs are not common in younger men, but are possible (and can take longer to treat because of the more extensive plumbing.

A GP would diagnose and prescribe ABs (sorry, don't know offhand which ones).

If STI is suspected, the GP might tell him to go to GUM clinic as that's the place that's set up for testing for a range of infections - but that depends on your GP (some might do it themselves, but not all).

As you are having doubts anyway, a trip yourself to a GUM clinic might be prudent.

AnythingNotEverything Tue 21-Jan-14 08:38:41

Well, it could just be a UTI.

The bigger issue (regardless of diagnosis) is that you don't trust him. Must harder to treat, but it really needs to be addressed.

FreakinScaryCaaw Tue 21-Jan-14 08:45:17

Get checked. How long has he been behaving this way? Very worrying.

ALittleStranger Tue 21-Jan-14 08:53:12

The only thing making me trust him is that he's told you about the symptoms and GP visit, but I'm afraid everything else is screaming affair.

firesidechat Tue 21-Jan-14 09:25:40

Given the history I would say that you have good reason for concern.

However there are other causes of uti. My husband had a uti, was treated for it, had another a few months later and was found to have bladder cancer. Utis in men are relatively unusual and he probably should have had a proper check up the first time. Moving house and changing to a different health authority possibly saved him.

Obviously I'm not suggesting that this is your husband's problem, but it might be useful to someone.

SmeeHee Tue 21-Jan-14 10:16:03

My DH had non specific urethritis about 6 months after we started dating. He hadn't had sex in over a year before he started seeing me so if it was due to an STI then he could only have caught it from me, however my tests came back clear (and if it was due to an STI I should definitely have had it too as we were rather "active" back then). It was rubbish for DH as it took 3 or 4 courses of different antibiotics before they finally found one that worked for him!

Reading up on NSU at the time it was clear that although it can be unrelated to STI it's much less likely that it is. As others have said your concerns about his secretive behaviour in combination with this do make an affair seem a likely possibility. sad Hope the you find the answers you need.

Normalisavariantofcrazy Tue 21-Jan-14 10:19:43

Thanks all. It is a UTI and he says it's because he's run down, he's been told he needs to take antibiotics and go back next week to check it has cleared as it can take several attempts to get rid of it.

Wish I wasn't so distrusting of him but he really doesn't help himself at all!!

sarajane231 Tue 21-Jan-14 12:23:20

I'd be more worried that you don't trust him, have you thought about the reasons for that?

Normalisavariantofcrazy Tue 21-Jan-14 12:29:25

Yes I am worried about that.

I have no idea how to address that though.

OvertiredandConfused Tue 21-Jan-14 13:05:00

The medical symptoms are only concerning in light of his other behaviour. A urologist could tell you lots of men have these symptoms completely unconnected to a STI. See a doctor yourself if you have any doubt.

FreakinScaryCaaw Tue 21-Jan-14 13:20:24

Can you afford a private detective?

Contrarian78 Tue 21-Jan-14 15:43:29

I developed a UTI after a trip to Vegas with the lads. It was brought on by dehydrations and just generally being rundown. I also developed a varicole at the same time (poss due to the flight - but equally possibly becasue I was just more aware of things down there). I was referred to a GUM clinic, which my wife didn't see the funny side of, and in the end, she had to be tested to - which she was horrified about. Needless to say, it was all for nowt, but I could appreciate how it looked from her point of view. So the UTI in and of itself is not particularly something to worry about.

Also, the consultant informed us that the symptoms could equally have been brought on by a change in my wife's flora?/bacteria following the recent(ish) birth of our second child.

CuChullain Tue 21-Jan-14 16:06:01

I acquired a NSUI (Non Specific Urinary Infection) when I changed the brand of shower gel that I used, developed a hyper sensitivity on the end of my cock, a mild burning sensation when I peed and a slight discharge………to the untrained eye this clearly looked like the symptoms of an STI which was impossible as I had been 100% faithful to Mrs CuChullain. Dr gave me a tube of PH neutral super-duper bland non fragrance shower cream to polish the lighthouse with for a few weeks and advised me to go back to my old choice of shower gel. Still, I felt a bit awkward explaining this to her, thankfully she was pretty sympathetic to my plight although that sympathy soon ended when I accidently took used a large dollop of her expensive Clinique shower crème thinking it was my NHS issued knob cream.

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