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He was scared and I didn't listen

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Crazyoldlife Sun 05-Jan-14 01:48:43

Well I've posted on here twice before and found it useful and Intetesting. I am
Pregnant and currently living away from partner due to his poor behaviour over past months. He is very sorry etc about it all he says "I was scared that you where pregnant and worried about the future and you wouldnt listen or support me" he said he just wanted me
To tell him that it'd be ok and to support him through his fears. Does this sound
Reasonable? He blames my lack of support/ listening on his poor behaviour- nasty comments/ name calling etc. he states that he wouldnt have got so down if hadn't of shown him little support.

Crazyoldlife Tue 07-Jan-14 19:47:18

Thanks guys for the moral support- means a lot. It's so hard not to push for something that you want so much but as much as I try I know I'm going to have to find my happy ever after somewhere else. Im looking forward to nice times with baby and since Im a long way away from partner I'm sure things can only get better. Thanks again

Meerka Tue 07-Jan-14 20:42:49

best of luck, crazy, maybe you have difficult times ahead but they would have been more difficult and unhappy with someone who is not a friend and a true partner.

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