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The Dating Thread 67

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MasterP0 Fri 03-Jan-14 12:15:15

.......we are a busy bunch aren't we hahahaha!

New Thread Alert the other ones has reached maximum capacity!


FloraSpreadableMacDonald Fri 03-Jan-14 12:17:23 awful. Are you ok? You must be shaken. need to send that text. He needs to get the message.
Well number 5 messaged me this can i stop texting without actually saying "your teeth are manky!".
Good news is bloke 4 text...he wants to meet asap!! Trouble is ive got a flu typething and a cold sore and i started the period from hell yesterday. I want to wait till next weekend. Any advice welcome. Ive not replied yet.

HanselandGretel Fri 03-Jan-14 12:24:21

flora just say to bloke 4 it would be more convenient next weekend!

MasterP0 Fri 03-Jan-14 12:25:48

Flora if you really don't even want to meet him! Maybe just a bad pic???I'd just be polite. If the roles were reversed what would you say?

Me, I'd say, "hey x, sorry to come across as shallow, but I'm just not attracted to your pic. Good Luck in your search"

I sometimes get a very bitchy reply about what a bitch I am, how shallow I am bla bla bla, I NEVER reply but I think at least I'm honest. If he asks why, I give constructive criticism, after all how is he supposed to fix his problem if no one ever tells him?!?!?!?

Santaclaws Fri 03-Jan-14 12:27:54

flora could you say something like you are really keen to meet and just suggest next weekend is good for you. Really pleased for you smile

Shall I just txt something like " I have asked you nicely not to text me anymore and keep it professional at work but you haven't stopped and its starting to feel like harassment. I want you to stop now

Poffedoff Fri 03-Jan-14 12:32:54

Well done Master for restarting the thread so soon! I'd written a looong post but suffice it to say I'm already feeling a sense of relief that my niggling doubts have been justified!

Thanks ladies for all the wise words, im sure I'll have a wobble or two when the sheer disbelief wears off but all in all i know this is for the best

FloraSpreadableMacDonald Fri 03-Jan-14 12:35:00

That sounds perfect Claws. Just keep thinking of his piir wife and how she would feel. You habe been bery gracious so far. Time to get mean.

Master...laughing at your suggestion...i could go further and suggest a good dentist. I may take a selfie of me today and send it. Might put him off!

Hurray at number 4. Ive text back suggesting next weekend. See what he says. Hes

FloraSpreadableMacDonald Fri 03-Jan-14 12:36:23 kind to yourself.

FloraSpreadableMacDonald Fri 03-Jan-14 12:43:33

Number 4 text back.....its on for next Saturday. So excited. Need to get my highlights redone!

Santaclaws Fri 03-Jan-14 12:48:56

Fabulous grin

Poffedoff Fri 03-Jan-14 12:53:06

Santa that guy just isn't taking the hint is he? I reckon a sharp text telling him that you don't want any more contact ( as you've already said) and that you'll have no choice but to take it to hr if he doesn't stop texting you.

MasterP0 Fri 03-Jan-14 12:56:49

Flora WHOOOOP WHOOOOP, so relieved you've reschedule, NO ONE is attractive with a cold sore!!!!

Poff (((CUDDLES)))

Santaclaws Fri 03-Jan-14 13:07:48

Have sent the text. Why am I bloody worrying about it

FloraSpreadableMacDonald Fri 03-Jan-14 13:10:28

Well done. You will worry for a bit but "soon this too will pass". You did the right thing for all involved. Hugs.

Santaclaws Fri 03-Jan-14 13:13:04

He has made it very difficult for us both at work now by carrying on that stupid farce

OneDayWhenIGrowUp Fri 03-Jan-14 13:29:23

I do feel a bit weird about shoving guy. I was quite upset by it last night. I had a random crazy guy do something similar a few months ago (more violent shoving and a lot of aggressive threats, I was bruised from that) and that person got charged with common assault, I have to go to court and give evidence next month, so people shoving me about is just a bit raw at the moment I guess. Friends have made hilarious comments about me attracting trouble.

Got texts off the guy who saw me to my bus though (shall call him engineer guy). Yip yip. I told him last night that if he asked me out to dinner I would say yes, so I wonder how long it'll take him to do that.

FloraSpreadableMacDonald Fri 03-Jan-14 13:37:13

Oneday...that sounds promising.
Sorry bout the other stuff though. Hugs.

brokenhearted55a Fri 03-Jan-14 13:42:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Santaclaws Fri 03-Jan-14 13:56:01

broken sorry to hear that. I think you need time to recover and you will know when you are ready. I jumped I too soon twice and got burned both times. I'm now busy loving myself and learning about myself. Funnily enough past events in my life in recent years have taught me what to do / not do in a current situation. So I firmly believe there's a reason for everything even if its not apparant at the time.

Look after yourself

kscience Fri 03-Jan-14 13:59:35

Here we all are...

OH so speed dating, not a total no go zone..sorry about the drama at the end but maybe Mr Engineer could be promising.

Broken (((gentle hug)))) don't date until you are in a better place sweetie.

Claws, you are being FAAAARRR nicer than I would be

Flora good plan with the rescheduling.

well no takers last night, but HILARIOUS messaging. This OD can be quite entertaining

LiesDamnLiesandSoggybiscuits Fri 03-Jan-14 14:05:27

Well I've had a few bites on POF last night. Messaging a couple of potential and arranged a date Monday so not bad really.

Also been favourited on match affinity by someone I messaged a couple of days I wait for him to message me or take the bull by the horns and message him again??? I really quite like the look of him.

Be kind to yourself broken...not easy situation
Santa he clearly has issues and it's interfering with your job...he has to know you won't accept that.
OneDay WTF? Good news about Mr Engineer 'though
Pof..Bugger. He's a knobber.
Flora...fingers crossed!

Poffedoff Fri 03-Jan-14 14:24:57

Well done Santa,it needed to be done... I'm not one for confrontation either so understand your trepidation but he wasn't gonna let up by the looks of it...
Oneday of course your shocked, thankfully you didn't end up alone with the guy, excellent news abiut engineer guy though :-)

FloraSpreadableMacDonald Fri 03-Jan-14 14:28:28 an impatient sort so i would message. I do that...if i see someone has added me as a fave and i like them, i message. Get in there before someone else does.

I noticed that bloke 4 been on site today before messaging me. Not sure if thats good. Saying that, ive been on checking messages. May have number 6 lined up if number 4 doesnt work out. I hope it does though. I told him im not a size 8/10....he seemed ok with it. We wil see. Going to starve myself all week lol

powpow80 Fri 03-Jan-14 14:30:59

Waves to new thread.

Broken- definitely sounds like a break from dating would do you the world of good. You seem like a lovely person and just need some time to realise that. Once you build your self esteem back up you will be well able for the dating.

Flora- I get cold sores too, would definitely reschedule if I had one. No one else barely notices them but I feel gross when I have one.

Lies- I personally would wait for him to message if I had already messaged.

Claws- totally agree with there being a reason for everything. When you are in the midst of the shite it's hard to see that. Then one day the lesson clucks into place. Few lessons learned for me in the last year or so. Just makes it easier to weed out the crap guys on OD. Fair play on sending the text. Hopefully he will get the message.

Oneday- woo hoo on engineer dude.

I have just been asked on a date for coffee over the weekend. Nice guy so am looking forward to it. Few years older than me, quite active, seems normal enough so far. Hoping the Christmas pounds I packed on aren't too noticeable!

brokenhearted55a Fri 03-Jan-14 14:44:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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