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Can u please give me your opinion on my partner.

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AngelinaK Wed 25-Dec-13 21:40:45

Hi there. I had a name change for this. I reply to others but was always too gutless to have my own thread.
Here it goes as briefly as I can not to bore anybody too much...
My dp and I have been together for 10 years and he is 10 years older then me. We have 3 year old daughter and we have our own house (just on his name, we r not married and I didnt think its important and who's name it is anyway) We had our ups and downs but still together. I was very young when we met (19) and now I feel like I have 'outgrown' the relationship maybe? He's very different to me, very aggressive personality, doesnt like to talk, doesnt like to go anywhere, we used to argue a lot from the start, he raised his hand few times on me(I slapped him back in rage btw) and then I got pregnant... He was a little boy all pregnancy and first year after the birth was evil, he wasnt much home but when he was it was awful. I had a baby blues and was sensitive and in need of support and cuddles so to speak. Lets just say it was hard and I didnt cope well.
Now we r still together but we r not close. Too much has happened... He 's not happy when I go out for a dinner with girlfriend (which I never did, I was never out during my time with him) he's not interested in anything and I'm... I like cinema, art, travelling, dancing....
We have a stable home so to speak but and I dont know what to do...
He can be very nice, very good and loving and lovely dad but when its bad... Its bad and it leaves me very anxious and worried.

I dont know what I'm asking here. Just had to get it out. Thank u for reading.

Merry Christmas!

Allergictoironing Sat 18-Jan-14 22:18:52

Free rent would come from Housing Benefit. And lots of bits of silly money adds up to a reasonable amount to live on once that big bill is out of the way. Unless you're very fussy that is, and have become accustomed to a very comfortable lifestyle. Talk to CAB/WA (as we keep suggesting) and actually FIND OUT rather than dismissing everything as not enough, and try adding up what sensible household bills come to.

All I seem to be hearing from you is that the amount that thousands of single mothers cope very well on won't be enough for you?

clio51 Sat 18-Jan-14 22:47:57

As said housing benefit!!

The amount of money you would get from doing full time job wound ok but what more do you want then
Free housing
Help with council tax
I bet the money DP give you housekeep doesn't amount much more than the benefits you would get because your living rent free now!

You don't need as solicitor to tell you your benefits you need benefits calculator! Painting and decorator a house doesn't give you a claim on it as you haven't contributed any finance to it you have no claim on it.

Yes it hard and lots of women do it as you say but if you don't find out how you going to know

Gumtree. Your area eg manchester, London wherever you live For housing for dhss claimants. Search for the area you want to leave not all are grotty pokey flats
Benefits calculator to work out exactly how much you will get in you hand per week. Stop saying you scared and do it, you don't have to carry it through but at least you will have an idea.

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