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Sibling rivalry

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SaveMeTheLastGreenTriangle Mon 23-Dec-13 19:12:23

So I'm visiting my dad before moving on to visit friends for Christmas. He mentions in passing that my sister is paying 500 quid to put her 3 dogs into kennels. Why is that, I ask. Oh, she's gone to [country a long way away] with BIL to have Christmas with my brother and his family. On a ticket which dad paid for.

I've been selling stuff on ebay to afford the petrol for this trip.

I feel hurt and angry. Should I get over myself?

cafesociety Sat 04-Jan-14 18:54:01

Saveme that sounds so unfair. Did you ask outright why there was such a gross imbalance between you and your sis's gifts? What did he say? How do parents justify their blatant unfairness and favouritism?

I'm the eldest, a coper. I brought up my sons on my own, paying a mortgage and needing to buy/keep a car on the road. I never asked my mother for a penny. My half sister and half brother on the other hand just whined and moaned/manipulated [both single or with an earning partner, no children] until she felt sorry for them and gave them things worth hundreds of pounds over the years.

She also bailed out my half brother when he went into negative equity instead of waiting for the market to pick up, to the tune of thousands of pounds. Amazing.

We talked about it once when she said she thought it was great I'd never asked her for anything, then said she hadn't given me anything because I hadn't asked! Crazy.

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