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Wish DS wasn't going to see his dad

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JingleMyBells Mon 09-Dec-13 13:11:40

He has seen him 4 times in 13 months and ex barely rings him. DS told me he didn't want to go after two disastrous visits and I told ex as much. Ex has now lured him down with promises of presents and paint balling. I just know it will all end in tears.

I know you will all say don't let him go but he now says he really wants to see his dad. He is nearly 11. Feeling really upset and worried sad

onetiredmummy Mon 09-Dec-13 13:19:30

Let him go but give him your mobile number to keep in his pocket. He can call you to talk or to say he wants to come home.

At 11 I'd be worried that if you stopped him going it would swiftly turn into 'its all your fault' & you are stopping contact' between them.

Is DS's safety in doubt?

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