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Do I have a right to be angry

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Cabrinha Sun 08-Dec-13 22:45:32

Agree he sounds like a shit, and this is probably the tip of the iceberg in reasons why you should leave him.
But please, when you have had time with yourself, single, and feel ready to see someone new - no expensive presents. Either giving or expecting. Why are you excited about getting a ring off this man? Please expect kindness from a man, not jewellery - and don't accept the latter as a substitute for the former.

HECTheHeraldAngelsSing Sun 08-Dec-13 14:07:56

he sounds like a selfish brat. who the hell takes a gift to someone to make sure it's real?

he's done a real number on you if you even have to ask if you have the right to be angry!

you have the right to hit the roof and bin the selfish, self centred, materialistic arsewipe who expects everything from you but gives you zippo.

jellybeans001 Sun 08-Dec-13 14:04:56

I'm sad and crying told him to get out

jellybeans001 Sun 08-Dec-13 14:03:41

Want him to go but he's being an arse

Minnieisthedevilmouse Sun 08-Dec-13 13:51:15

You have a right to every human emotion, as much a right as I do. If he's telling you or making you feel you do not then I'm very sorry but he's not very nice, but you know that don't you?

So, how do feel op?

Pollydon Sun 08-Dec-13 13:47:38

Then why are you with him ?

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 08-Dec-13 13:47:37

If he is always so nasty and if you are so confused about your feelings that you have to ask a bunch of strangers if you're allowed to be angry, then I think there's a fairly good chance that you are living in a bullying or emotionally abusive relationship. Victims of chronic bullying are often told by their abuser that they are the ones with a problem... overreacting, abnormal, selfish, mentally ill even. Their self-esteem sinks and they gradually lose touch with what is normal, caring, respectful behaviour in a healthy relationship

What else does he do or say that is nasty?

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 08-Dec-13 13:46:20

What do you get out of this relationship now?. What keeps you within this?.

jellybeans001 Sun 08-Dec-13 13:45:17

He blamed me after saying I always starting fights with him despite it being him

jellybeans001 Sun 08-Dec-13 13:43:46

Yes he is

paxtecum Sun 08-Dec-13 13:21:20

Jelly: Your DH sounds horrible.

Is he always so nasty?

paxtecum Sun 08-Dec-13 13:19:39

Mortified: That is really quite nasty and unhelpful to anyone.

Sleepyhoglet Sun 08-Dec-13 13:12:03

He is a selfish git!

YouStayClassySanDiego Sun 08-Dec-13 13:11:52

Is he always dictating to you?

He sounds unpleasant and mean.

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 08-Dec-13 13:10:25

Seriously Mortified? Are you as pleasant in real life?

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Sun 08-Dec-13 13:05:29

Have you been ripped off into buying a fake rado and your husband is upset about it? Is that what all this is about?

MortifiedAnyFuckerAdams Sun 08-Dec-13 13:01:22

It's bought

You bought him a watch.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 08-Dec-13 12:59:40

He sounds very ungrateful and I don't understand why, when he told you to sit in the cold, you obeyed hmm Why do you buy him expensive gifts when a) you get nothing in return and b) he doesn't say thank you but accuses you of buying knock-offs instead?

If you have to ask if you should feel angry then I fear that you've lost touch with your own feelings. Why are you confused about how to feel?

jellybeans001 Sun 08-Dec-13 12:46:57

Hello everybody, just wanted some advice brought my dh a new watch after buying him lots of things previously but he has hardly ever brought me anything. I went out with him the other day and he agreed to buy me a ring. So got excited thinking yes he going to buy me something. When we get to the shop he starts asking about the expensive watch I brought him asking if it was a real rado watch or not as we got it online and completely forgot about the fact that he was soppose to buy me a ring and walked out of the shop when the women said it was fake but I knew it was real. He then told me to sit with kids in cold for 15 minutes while he checked the watch. Only to say I left you to feed the kids. Both kids are sick got cold and cough should I feel angry

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