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going out

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knocknock Sat 07-Dec-13 18:14:33

I'm not quite sure if it is a proper
place to ask

But well I can always try

Is it "politically correct" to go to a pub on your own?

I had car accident while ago had been stuck in home for ages
everyone is busy so I'm just not sure if I should

Not really a drinker so is there a point to go and have wee flying visit
or is it absolutely no no?

Peedoffy Sat 07-Dec-13 18:17:54

I wouldn't say it was PC or not PC, I'm not 100% sure what you mean tbh. I wouldn't as I imagine I'd feel very conspicuous if I were alone and I can't really see the point especially if you don't drink confused Or is it a pub you could go to and read a book/ have a coffee as I'd definitely do that alone. Or cinema?

Lavenderhoney Sat 07-Dec-13 18:21:03

Depends on the pub and when you go! You could go when there's a quiz night and offer to join a group.

Why don't you drop in early one evening and get to know the staff? And ask them? I have done that in the past, but before dc in a new area, and it was a real country pub, everyone knew everyone so easy really.

If its country pub its fine I think. A busy wetherspoons on a Friday night... Not sure I would even want to!

FracturedViewOfLife Sat 07-Dec-13 18:21:57

I worked in pubs for years and lots of people went in on their own.

Lavenderhoney Sat 07-Dec-13 18:22:19

You don't have to be a drinker anyway. I used to drink mineral water. I was always out in those days.

zebdee Sat 07-Dec-13 18:23:09

I think I'd do it in my local but it's lovely and does coffee during the day, so go in on my own for that. I've done it when I've been on holiday on my own too.

Vivacia Sat 07-Dec-13 18:23:52

I'd choose somewhere quiet and local rather than busy and noisy but only so you've got a better chance of striking up a conversation. And take a book.

knocknock Sat 07-Dec-13 18:54:04

Take a book you think so ...?
__total geek

Lavender thanks for reassuring

Just been stuck for to long
you sure guys?
I know its not a really big deal but just a bit lack of confidence

FracturedViewOfLife Sat 07-Dec-13 18:59:49

If you take a book be prepared for lots of people asking you about the book or talking about books in general. It is a good conversation starter but it depends if you want conversation.

I think it's a good idea and you should go. Even if you only go for half an hour then at least you have got out and you could stay for longer next time.

I hope you have a good night smile

Vivacia Sat 07-Dec-13 19:24:23

total geek Well, that's what works for me. I don't like the idea of sitting there with nowhere to focus my gaze or busy myself with if necessary. Obviously, with this comment, you are evidently more confident than me and don't want others to think you are a book-reading geek. Hope you enjoy yourself tonight!

mammadiggingdeep Sat 07-Dec-13 19:35:58

Nothing wrong with sitting by yourself reading a book < she says polishing her 'book geek' membership badge>.

Nothing wrong with going to the pub by yourself either...roaring fire, cosy pub, good book and a vino...lovely smile

Vivacia Sat 07-Dec-13 19:38:01

Well, no, I don't really equate book with geek, but there you go. I'm somebody who does take her Kindle with her when eating or drinking out alone.

scottishmummy Sat 07-Dec-13 19:41:56

Aye,but chose well.go a nice wee local gaff not a pure mad mental place(no the Corinthian)
Take book,you'll be fine

knocknock Sat 07-Dec-13 19:43:01

Well is nothing wrong to like reading -))
I didn't mean to sound cheeky

I'm scared anyway
thank you

Vivacia Sat 07-Dec-13 19:57:49

I didn't mean to sound cheeky you sounded dismissive, and from someone too scared to go out, it sounded a bit rich.

PennyroyalTea Sat 07-Dec-13 21:30:08

I think OP is just worried abut being conspicuous as it is, not dissing the advice.

Taking a book (or a magazine) just means you have something to focus on Knockknock - so can hang around without feeling you have to stare at the floor....I used to travel lots with work and if not a book, would take pad and pen and if I didn't get chatting to anyone, I would just write a to do list or do some work, purely for same reason.

TheGinLushMinion Sat 07-Dec-13 21:44:36

Go, there is something quite delicious in a visit to the pub alone...

FolkGirl Sun 08-Dec-13 10:47:26

I have, on occasions, been to the pub on my own. Somewhere quiet. I have a glass of wine and maybe some olives/bread and take a book with me.

Everyone ignores me smile

I quite like it.

scottishmummy Sun 08-Dec-13 10:52:50

I like eating out alone,it's lovely.take book, no extraneous chatter it's great
I'm switched on at work all time for others so it's nice to have quiet me time
Obviously chose an appropriate venue

BakerStreetSaxRift Sun 08-Dec-13 15:41:02

No the Corinthian grin

Wise words! That place is odd... Beautiful, but it's beauty is almost wasted on it, in a weird way.

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