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The Brave Babes Battle Bus - Stepping Into Christmas With Sobriety On Their Minds.

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Mouseface Sat 16-Nov-13 13:41:14

Hello, tis me, Mouse smile

This is a thread for those who are worried about their drinking habits, relationships with alcohol, and/or drugs.

Even if you think your intake has gone up more today than the last or this week than last, come and join us on Gerald, the amazing, always room for more, fully stocked with glorious treats and donned in his Christmas Decorations, Bus!

We are a supportive thread, full of very different posters, from various backgrounds. Some of us drink in moderation, allowing ourselves the odd glass or two as a treat, or just because we're in control of our drinking for that day.

One Day At A Time.

We have those who abstain completely, and those who wake every day to Day 1 and hope with all of their hearts that they can, and will, make it to Day 2.

If you've followed our journey to date, you'll know who most of us are by now smile and we kind of have two 'sayings', that sum up who we are -

1) - The Vulnerable Need Our Support, Not Our Judgement

2) - Alcohol Fosters Inertia

That said, we will not have any bashing of support groups, such as AA or Community Addiction Support Teams, or even other support threads, posts like that will be reported if the need arises, so 'Orange Paper supporters' don't waste your time please smile

This Bus is a place for honesty, sanctuary and safety, something that has taken almost four years for a number of very special, very lovely, very honest and caring Babes to establish.

So, come find a seat, grab something warm from the supply cupboard at the back of the Bus, it's filled with (non alcoholic or narcotic) delicious, luxury treats and HUGE fluffy quilts, plus anything else you might need to help YOU get through YOUR day a minute, or an hour at a time.

And, if you'd like to see where this all began - This Is The Reason We're All Here, The Original JWN Thread

And This Is Our Previous Thread, With Links To Those Over The Past Few Years

We hope to meet you soon smile x

Isindebetterplace Sat 16-Nov-13 14:13:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mouseface Sat 16-Nov-13 14:31:03

Afternoon, tis me, Mouse

I've posted this on the last thread but it was on the last few posts and didn't want anyone wondering where I might be if I'm not around much over the next few weeks, so I have C&Pd the below, I hope that no-one minds. smile

"Just so you all know, my mum is very poorly, she has MS and has developed a new symptom - severe swallowing difficulties and fluid on both lungs - along with having a severe chest infection aswell, so has lost a lot of weight.

My sister told me she was seriously ill and to call her yesterday and I feared the worst so cried for a bit and waited to talk to my Father last night.....

The GP is talking about putting her on an NG feeding system, just like Nemo has, she's asked me for some of the 'teddies' that I use for taping his tube down. (Queue more tears)

She's dreadfully fragile just now and has other highly complicated health conditions, diabetes included, and as we all know, it's not the primary condition that can take a person's life, it's the other conditions that come alongside it. sad

So, she was refused admission to hospital yesterday by a lung consultant, even though she can't swallow, and given inhalers, because she can't breathe, who told them to come back in the New Year when the fluids should have cleared from her lungs.

My father is beside himself, my sister too, and my brother, he's the baby of the family and has not capable or seems to know how/want to deal with illness. They (bro and sis) live nearby so can go and see her to help care for her, get her things as she rarely leaves the house.

My father was asking me for my help re the tube feeds, he asked me if I'd teach him how to pass the tube and tape it carefully into place, as not to hurt her sad he said that would give him some comfort, knowing that I could do that for him, and for her. sad

I spent most of yesterday crying and through the night. DH has been fantastic and so supportive. He has said to me that he'll do whatever I need him to, leave me be or hold me for hours. I love him so much, my heart aches.

My life can't go on hold though, DD and Nemo still need me, Nemo's reflux is horrific at the moment and we're not getting much respite from it. So, I'll be around, I might be a bit weepy and not post for a few days, but I'll be here and reading.

Mouse xxx"

Now get this Christmas thread tinselled up and strewn in twinkly fairy lights please, I'd like Gerald to look like the Cocoa-Cola Train as it travels through the countryside in the quite night, on it's way to rescue Babes in need! grin

ruralreynard Sat 16-Nov-13 14:39:57

Nice to see you isinde sorry you are so poorly sad. Well done on being 1ST POSTER on the shiny new Christmas Thread [GRIN]

ruralreynard Sat 16-Nov-13 14:42:45

mouse So much to deal with. So sorry to hear about DM. Sending you love and strength and hugsxx

ruralreynard Sat 16-Nov-13 14:58:59

Isinde Know that creeping back to bed and then dragging yourself through the day feeling like absolute shite and being so bl**dy, angry with yourself and sorry for yourself at the same time. I am like that too many mornings and haven't got a cold blush.
Get yourself in that driving seat and lets finish off that wicked WW once and for all. grin

PurpleWolfe Sat 16-Nov-13 15:59:29

<Slinks into seat in sidecar> Mouse, you do all that is humanly possible - for your family, us on this Bus and the people you care about - and even your community. You have so much on your mousey plate already - things that cannot be set aside. You have nothing to reproach yourself with. There are others in your family that can take up some of the slack. DH is a brick - the girl done good! You know the size of hug I'm sending you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

venusandmars Sat 16-Nov-13 17:09:21

Always watching over everything here.

mouse big hugs to you, take care of yourself too, if you can x

dementedma Sat 16-Nov-13 17:14:48

Yay, my favourite babes are gathering on the Christmas bus. Hope the rest arrive soon.
Indie sleep it off and get well. It won't kill dp to mind the DTS for a while.
<hauls huge box of Christmas decorations onto bus>
Is it too early to start tinselling.....?

Mamabear74 Sat 16-Nov-13 17:22:41

Grr, got a wobble on! Have just spent the afternoon in the kitchen stuffing a pork loin and can't stop fantasising about downing a bottle of crisp white with it. DP and DS out for the moment and sorely tempted to hit the shop. How useless am I?

GiantSnailFeelers Sat 16-Nov-13 17:25:59

<Huge Hugs Mouse>

so sorry to hear about your mum being so unwell

GiantSnailFeelers Sat 16-Nov-13 17:26:51

ooops sorry
Trinity here in a silly name for no real reason

Mouseface Sat 16-Nov-13 17:30:14

Coco-Cola train! FFS! grin

PURPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - there you are!! smile

Thank you for the very kind words, that was lovely of you, of you all actually. I posted about my mum so you knew where I might be if I'm not here. xxx

I'm actually made of mighty strong elastic you know? I can stretch and be pulled in any direction and never break...... hmm

<wonders who bought that one>

It's Rugbytastic here this afternoon in this house, I have no idea of the rules of the game, I simply enjoy the, ahem, talents of the athletes involved, their courage, spirit and fight. Not the men in tiny tight shorts, nor the muscles on their thighs, nope..... it's all about how wonderful way they run up that pitch. wink

BTW - Dame is well, just super, super busy with her new job and has no time to post on the thread at work. smile

Who else is MIA? Who've we not seen for ages other than the fabulous Jesus, that seems so odd to type!

'I've not seen Jesus about for ages..................' grin

Hope you are well you fabulous lady if you're reading this, come say hi. xxx

Mouseface Sat 16-Nov-13 17:32:54

Trin - I was just about to thank a completely new babe for her lovely words and congratulating her on joining the thread! grin You ninny!!

Thank you - how are YOU other than sober? I am so pleased for you xxx

dementedma Sat 16-Nov-13 17:36:42

Hang in there mama bear you are doing well.
You can do this

Is "stuffing a pork loin* a euphemism?

GiantSnailFeelers Sat 16-Nov-13 17:46:07

hey we're doing ok

At the moment I'm staying with Purple as her mum passed away on wednesday sad

there's a thread in bereavement

totally sober and loving it grin

Mouseface Sat 16-Nov-13 17:50:45

Ma - get that tinsell out! I would like a lovely distraction, come on, our school Christmas Fayre is on Friday, I've got to get my Christmas on! Wait until you see the name of the next thread, by my calculations, we should need it just before the big day! grin

Mouseface Sat 16-Nov-13 17:58:21

Mama - and if you did, go out, get that crisp white, down it, what would happen? You'd post on here tomorrow saying how much you hate yourself and why did you do it.

Tell me I'm wrong. Think about the whole scenario through to the end. I know it's hard, really I do, especially when you've worked so hard prepping the meal, you want a reward. You're worth more than tomorrows hangover.

Mamabear74 Sat 16-Nov-13 18:15:23

Thanks ma and mouse, got through the hour without popping out, just gonna try and get through the next one now. You're right, I don't want to have to post yet another failure here tomorrow, or go through the self loathing and horrid feeling of a hangover. Not to mention losing my rag with DS [embarrassed] angry sad

Mamabear74 Sat 16-Nov-13 18:16:49

LOL ma not a euphemism, if it were I wouldn't do it in the kitchen anyway!

aliasjoey Sat 16-Nov-13 18:37:00

mouse so sorry to hear about your mum. Hope you can take some time to look after yourself too?

Mouseface Sat 16-Nov-13 18:38:41

JUST TO CLARIFY - When Trin posted that Purple's mum had passed away so is staying with her, it's a different Purps, not our gal.

PurplePillow - my heart goes out to you sweetie and I hope you know that you are in the best hands staying with the lovely Trin xxx

dementedma Sat 16-Nov-13 18:42:14

purples mum passed away?
Oh no!
I'm so sorry.

Hang in there mama. I'm going AF tonight too so we can kick the ww's ass together

dementedma Sat 16-Nov-13 18:44:04

Cross post - wrong purple thank goodness.
Oh that sounds awful....poor other purple

aliasjoey Sat 16-Nov-13 18:44:41

I'm going to sit up front on the Bus tonight and stay strong! I've stupidly bought wine (habit) but now decided I'm NOT going to drink it tonight.

So, keep busy and will check in later. Planning to clip the dog, which takes about 1.5 hours and of course has to be done sober - otherwise he'd look even more stupid than he already does.

I might give myself a treat and squeeze his anal glands too grin

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