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Shit! 'H' found out I've opened a bank account

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devonsmummy Mon 11-Nov-13 12:49:40

He was verbally & physically abusive to me & ds a couple of weeks ago.
I want to leave but am a sahm in a jointly mortgaged property.
The only appointment the women's centre had was during half term so couldn't take it.
I've set up a bank account( as all I had was a joint account)
I don't know how he found out, but H phoned this morning & asked why I had a new account.
I was caught off guard & said because I wanted my own.
He's called again saying ' I don't understand why you need an account ' I cut the call short as just leaving for school run.
How do I make it seem innocent & not an account to use when I fell him its over?
I'm actually shitting myself about him coming home later as I know he won't leave it

MorningHasBroken Mon 18-Nov-13 14:16:00

Devons, just to let you that people are still checking back on you. Hope things are okay - please do let us knowing how things are going as soon as you can.

DownstairsMixUp Mon 18-Nov-13 14:21:30

Have read all your updates, how is everything?

FestiveEdition Tue 19-Nov-13 08:24:17

Devons, still checking to see if you are OK.

You are in the thoughts of several people, truly hoping all is well

EasyCompadre Tue 19-Nov-13 08:37:13

Still thinking of you Devons, hope everything is going ok. Hope to hear from you soon.

hollyisalovelyname Sat 23-Nov-13 18:34:39

Devons hope all ok with you.

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