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He's pissed on the floor

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wishiwasasleep Sat 02-Nov-13 02:40:44

I've told him and he's just grunted at me. I'm so tired. I am so angry with him i cant sleep. I don't want to be in bed next to him and i've got no where else to sleep thats comfy. I'm 7 months pregnant with his child and right now i hate him.

Sitting here crying is giving me a headache and making my tummy hurt sad sad He's up there asleep in a comfy bed and i'm down here feeling so alone.

DropYourSword Sat 02-Nov-13 02:43:58

Im guessing he's drunk right?

AndThatsWhatIThinkOfYou Sat 02-Nov-13 02:44:05

didn't want time read and run, I've been through that it's awful alibi cab suggest is leave him till morning 'accidentally' wake him up banging around or loud music and after he's sobered up have a word and tell him how upset it made you smile hope you get some sleep

wishiwasasleep Sat 02-Nov-13 02:44:48

Yes sad

How has it come to this?

Sparklysilversequins Sat 02-Nov-13 02:58:39

Does he drink like that regularly?

DropYourSword Sat 02-Nov-13 03:03:12

I've known quite a few men do this to be honest. I know it's fucking disgusting, but they just didn't seem to realise at the time they weren't in the bathroom.

wishiwasasleep Sat 02-Nov-13 03:07:01

He drinks at the weekends. At home.

He knows he gets stupid and sweary after a certain amount. He thrashes around the bed and i cant bloody sleep. He's walked into the wrong room looking for the bathroom in the past. He doesn't know where he is.

When ithis happens he is grovellingly apologetic in the morning. This used to happen about once every 6 weeks or so.

Since i've been pregnant he's made an effort. But this is the 3rd time he's gone too far since i fell preg.. And now he's pissed on the bathroom floor! This is a first sad

wishiwasasleep Sat 02-Nov-13 03:08:36

I'm so grateful that there's someone out there to talk to tonight. I feel wide awake and totally miserable and knackered at the same time.

I cant switch my mind off.

wishiwasasleep Sat 02-Nov-13 03:10:51

I'm not fucking cleaning it up. I've put a note on the door to say dont go in there. We've teenage kids in the house. What am i going to say to them??

Maybe i should go and mop it up. It's not fair on them sad

LordPalmerston Sat 02-Nov-13 03:14:15

Why does he drink at home so much

tracypenisbeaker Sat 02-Nov-13 03:14:43

Don't mop it up. Get him up at 7am- he'll still be tipsy but able to understand whats going on- and get him to clean it up himself before the kids get up x

festered Sat 02-Nov-13 03:17:26

DON'T you mop it up!You've not pissed on the floor!
Tell him to do it or to pay for a carpet cleaner .I'd (depending on how physically able I was!)I'd shove him out of the bed and tell him I needed sleep and he's to go on the floor\sofa!

tracypenisbeaker Sat 02-Nov-13 03:18:09

Or you could film him being a drunk twat- record him in secret as you nudge him awake, telling him what he's done (and him likely acting like a drunk arse). Then the next morning show him the footage and maybe it'll shame him into changing.

bragmatic Sat 02-Nov-13 03:18:11

Right now I hate him, too.

I would pack his bags. I've heard of plenty of grown men exhibiting this behaviour. Never grown women.

Pack his bags, tell him to leave, consider your options and force him to consider his.

wishiwasasleep Sat 02-Nov-13 03:25:57

Thank you.

Some answers: He like a drink. He likes to be at home in the evenings. He works hard all week. I don't begrudge him a couple of cans on a Friday and Saturday.

The irony is that we are talking a relatively small amount of alcohol here compared to some drinkers. He's ok up to 4 cans, and thats what he usually sticks to. After that he's a prat to be around. Tonight he drank 8. In his 20s he was on a bottle of vodka a day. He's a light weight now.

It's lino in the bathroom thank God.

I wont mop it up then. Thank you.

I cant shove him out of bed. I dont want a row. I dont want to wake the kids and i dont want to cry any more. I sound so pathetic!

This is just bloody pathetic. It's 3.30 in the morning.

It's his tomorrow.

festered Sat 02-Nov-13 03:32:07

Lol that doesn't help!Buy him some extra large condoms for his birthdy and then tell him he has to wear them for bed aftr he's had a drink :D

I agree nothing wrong with having a few drinks of a weekend if you work hard-but this has to end It's causing problems!
Lino is easier.
Depending on the personalities of your kids, I'd fucking tell them!Say 'Your Dad's not toilet trained yet and has weed on the floor, can you please take the piss (Scuse the pun) until he cleans that shit up?!

(I'm half joking btw, just trying to cheer you up. If anything, it might put 'em off alcohol in the future!)
My ex used to do this, but his house was carpeted.I'd wake up in the middle of te night to him having a merry piss in the corner of the room, snoring away and muttering to himself.

Longdistance Sat 02-Nov-13 03:33:24

Oh he's an idiot, isn't he???

My dh hasn't yet pissed on the floor anywhere yet but like your oh gets stupidly drunk.

He's walked to the built in wardrobes before to find the toilet. I shout at him ' what the fuck are you doing? Turn around, the ensuite is behind you' then he grumbles like the drunk twat he is. I remind him he does this, with little effect hmm

If he pissed on the floor, he'd have his bags packed and staying with his dad, and I'd be telling both his mum and dad to shame him and them

bragmatic Sat 02-Nov-13 03:36:01

Consider yourself in a few months, with a newborn. Sleep deprived.

When he's pissed in the wardrobe at 3am.

I'm not unsympathetic. I've seen it through the eyes of a teenager. i wish, wish, wish mum had left. If she had, he'd have either gotten his act together, or not. Either way, the fallout would have been HIS doing. NOT HERS.

I know where this is headed. You need to force him to decide on what he wants.

bragmatic Sat 02-Nov-13 03:36:42

And FUCK his birthday.

tracypenisbeaker Sat 02-Nov-13 03:40:14

8 cans? He is a bloody lightweight! Not boasting but I'm a size 10 woman who can drink that much and just be a bit giggly, certainly not enough to pish myself! Again, not boasting- he obviously is in denial of his own limits. Tell him if he's got to drink, then he's to have a wee advocaat at Christmas, the wee lamb wink

I know how you feel re other half drinking when you're pregnant. The arguments it's caused me and the OH. (He's even pissed the bed when i was 6 months pg, and I had carry him to the toilet. He fell on me. I feel your pain.) It's not the amount of drink necessarily, it's the lack of support. I'm now 8 months pregnant, and he still begrudges the fact that I'm not happy for him to get hammered, while I'm sitting at home in my onesie eating Lindor by myself. The only thing that's keeping me sane is the fact that he knows once the baby's here, he can kiss sweet goodbye to his casual binge drinking if he wants to be a family. I think you need to make this clear to your OH. Hell, ice it on his birthday cake.

wishiwasasleep Sat 02-Nov-13 03:42:03

Thank you for trying to cheer me up flowers

I'd advise bag packing if i read this thread from another poster.

I trod in his fecking pee when i went to the loo just after him! (i dont put the light on) angry

I'm fuming. Baby's kicking around like mad. I want to chill for my sake, out but i want to go up there and hit him over the head with something heavy as well.

I think i will tell the kids the truth if/when they ask why the bathroom's off limits. (we have a down stairs loo)

bragmatic Sat 02-Nov-13 03:44:28

Of course it's the fucking amount of drink! He is pissing on the floor!

People are talking about their pissed partners like they're Labrador puppies who don't know any better.

Longdistance Sat 02-Nov-13 03:48:25

tracypenisbeaker I would never have carried my dh when drunk. He would have been dumped on the floor and left there.

My dh drinks considerably more than ops oh. Lets say, that he likes to finish his evening off with a bottle of red, after beers a hmm

wishiwasasleep Sat 02-Nov-13 03:49:42

I want to talk to him NOW. I know there's no point till morning. He's blissfully snoring up there. I can hear him angry

I'm so disappointed and sad. We'll have a talk in the morning alright. This is ridiculous. I feel ashamed.

He's the teens step dad by the way. Baby is his first child.

I've been on MN long enough to know that it's my fault for sticking with him really. sigh. It's a mess. And i've helped make it sad

(and i don't mean the bathroom floor, i mean the situation)

Longdistance Sat 02-Nov-13 03:49:53

Yes, bragmatic my Labrador is a blond one, and disobedient grin

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