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New Partner Baggage- whats ok and whats not?

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joblot Mon 28-Oct-13 21:52:54

Ive been seeing someone for 3 months and today she told me about- a) having feelings for a recent ex, which she has just sorted- since meeting me- she was telling me it had been unfinished business and was now almost sorted; b) she has had sex 3 times with a married friend of 20 years who is also her boss (remotely), last time a year ago. She talks about him reverently; he sounds like a twat to me.

She has talked extensively before about exes and her life, which I at first found uncomfortable but then saw as potentially quite liberating- ie being upfront about baggage at the outset, rather than it slipping out over time. we are late 40s and both have numerous relationships under our belts. And gay- well, shes bisexual. She wanted to be non-exclusive initially and I said I didn't want that, after much thought and reading round. She said- a few weeks ago, she was happy with this.

we have fun. We like one another. she has made me think hard about my behaviour, my past relationships etc. at 48 i seriously want to do things differently- my usual relationship approach doesnt work, quite clearly. But todays revelations have winded me and I don't know what to do. Saw 2 mates tonight and gave them a brief outline- one said- shes bad news; the other- don't overthink it.

Any thoughts please? I'm not sure I've explained well but I'm trying to be brief. ish

akaWisey Wed 30-Oct-13 07:50:32

I don't disagree with that, I don't do a big reveal and don't want my dating partner to do that either.

Having said that no-one but OP and the woman were there for these discussions - so for me the context is missing and that could shed a different light on how come they were having these discussions in the first place. Or maybe not.

Lazyjaney Wed 30-Oct-13 08:03:34

Don't take her at her word, take her at her actions.

She's not into monogamy, and will be a wild ride until the wheels fall off. If you want out of your comfort zone go for it, but be aware of what you're getting into.

CogitoEerilySpooky Wed 30-Oct-13 09:18:26

I think the context is less important than the way the OP feels as a result. Whether it was malicious, accidental or some kind of cards on the table honesty sessions is immaterial. 'Winded' was his word...

joblot Wed 30-Oct-13 11:13:36

Thanks for all the insights. A range is good.

Hello again hissy. Yes had counselling but I need something tougher. Can't find a local therapist, will look again. However I feel alright. I've handled this ok- it's hard but I'm pleased we can talk about crappy stuff and I've not bent myself out of shape to fit this relationship.

Wisey- she has pressed for the ex discussions, from early on, but I've done it willingly, if a little uneasily. As I said upthread, we agreed we would talk and be open re past and emotions. This has happened hence this week's revelations. It's been quite a journey but maybe this latest stuff has tipped me into wondering whether. we are actually compatible. Anyway, likely to all be academic now. I think she's been quite shocked by my reactions and comments and will not want to continue, which is fine as it would mean the openness was actually conditional. Which isn't what I want.

I'm on my phone so sorry I've missed some bits, will return later.

I'm a woman by the way, sorry if that wasn't clear in 1st post.

akaWisey Wed 30-Oct-13 13:42:48

Well i guess when there's an 'agreement' to be open there's always a risk that you might feel forced to say and hear things you wouldn't want to.

I'm sorry you felt pressed into something OP, and apologies for getting the gender wrong.

HissyFucker Wed 30-Oct-13 14:26:40

Yes I agree, you are handling this well and you're recognising that this is something that'd benefit from some outside perspective, as it's not sitting right for you.

Have you contacted BACP (ithink) to find out where you'd be able to find the therapy that'd help best?

Keep talking here in the meantime, it'll help you see outside the immediate situation.

Upshot is, when a supposed romantic partner tells you that they've been shagging their boss/ex and have been hung up on them during your actual relationship, you walk away. Fast.

It's not good enough love.

MistressDeeCee Wed 30-Oct-13 15:21:56

I cant be bothered with people who want to talk and offload on me about their exes, particularly in early stages when there are far, far better and nicer things you can be doing to establish a loving, fun, respectful relationship. Id get rid. It'll be emotional woes and gaslighting next - Ive been there, many years ago. Never again. I cant even think now why I even wasted my time.

joblot Wed 30-Oct-13 20:06:04

Yep I know. I'm taking some time to sort it all through. I've been on bacp, very little in my area. Will ask around at work as I prefer a personal recommendation.

So am I being naive about the ex discussions as air and way clearers? Is it not best to get the dirty washing done at the outset and then enjoy the ride? It has been enjoyable inbetween ex talk.

HissyFucker Wed 30-Oct-13 20:18:52

She's setting the scène for you to be one of many and not treasured. She wants you to compare yourself and live that silly unbalanced life. It's started already.

Why would anyone want to compare the person they want to be with with people who they are no longer with?

And worse she got irritated?

No, this is not right. Learn the lesson that she has shown you here, and move on.

She is another Ms transition, she is not Ms Forever.

joblot Wed 30-Oct-13 22:31:21

Hm being compared, yes quite possibly. I certainly felt that on Monday but as I'm prone to self doubt I wasn't at all sure it was entirely of her making.

Another ms transition/take eh? I'm clocking them up.

joblot Wed 30-Oct-13 22:46:02

Lweji- just rereading, that's a good point about the way she carries it.

Tireddog- you're spot on. I think she's pretty used to calling shots and she's absolutely not seeing my side. I've tried to say put yourself in my place but it seems futile at least for now. Maybe this will change, the breath isn't held. But we see it all quite differently, that much is clear.

Finola- yes she's not accepting my feelings but I suppose when you feel judged/attacked it's more difficult to empathize. I suppose I'm saying to her that I question her morals and behaviour. If she's not thought deeply about that then it must seem threatening. And what right do I have to query her past?

Lweji Wed 30-Oct-13 23:12:04

You seem to have different morals. So, you have to question if she is the person for you.
If you are not on the same page regarding morals, it's quite difficult to maintain a good relationship.

She doesn't feel she is being attacked, but she shouldn't feel judged by you, nor you should change your values for her if it's not who you are.

It's one of those situations where it's difficult to find a middle ground. Either you want exclusivity or you don't. She has no problems sleeping with a married man because she doesn't believed in sexual faithfulness (presumably). You do and you have trouble accepting someone who is not repentant about sleeping with a married man.

Neither point of view is necessarily wrong, but you should both think carefully where you want to go. It doesn't feel like it should be together.

joblot Thu 31-Oct-13 07:00:17

Perhaps that's why I was so shocked about the mm, I hadn't clocked that. Ie that it suggests an easy acceptance of cheating. She says she doesn't/ hasn't cheated. Except for with him and he's a very important person in her life. She cant see why I'm upset and not seeing the sex as a minor issue as she does, the rest of their relationship is what matters.

No neither of us will change on our morals. That's the crux. Problem is she seems morally ok otherwise (I don't see polyamory as amoral just not my thing)

joblot Sun 08-Dec-13 14:02:31

Thought I'd update as I've reread this thread as a reminder of what was wrong with ex and the relationship.

We carried on seeing one another but it didn't improve really, well how could it? You can't unknow what you know.

I ended it, well we both agreed not to continue, when she said she would have sex with mm again at some point, though not whilst with me. Which was supposed to be reassuring. I realized it wasn't ok even for the short term. However I think loneliness and hope were getting in the way and clouding my judgement. And today we were due to meet and talk and I didn't want to. Well I did, but not probably for the right reasons. It's shit being single at xmas.

So rereading has strengthened my resolve. And offered much needed distraction as I'm fed up and at risk of doing the wrong thing. I've started therapy so hopefully won't be dating too many unsuitables in future... Thanks again for the support

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