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Seeking anyone who has/suspects they have a partner with AS (Aspergers Syndrome)

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Joanna112 Sun 27-Oct-13 13:27:42


I have been married for nine years to a man who was diagnosed early this year with AS.

Over the previous seven years I had lost my self confidence and several times been put on antidepressants. Talking to friends didn't help, as much of what I said just sounded typical of men generally - but I knew there was something more. Three years ago, on the verge of breaking up, a friend suggested my DH might have AS. Not having heard of it before, I spent a long time researching on the internet. There seemed to be a great deal of information, advice and support for the partner with AS - but very little (if any!) for their NT partners. Any conversations/threads I found were really negative.

I needed to talk to someone who knew what I was talking about, someone in the same situation or someone who had lived through it. Marriage guidance counsellors who have no specialist knowledge of AS are likely to do more harm than good, making the NT partner even more depressed, guilt-ridden and lonely. Even the route to diagnosis was ridiculously difficult. Having been referred by our GP for diagnosis to the team in our local city, we discovered the waiting list for adult diagnosis was two years!

We knew our marriage wouldn't last another two years and so opted for a private diagnosis. I'm aware that for many, this isn't an option. The diagnosis saved our marriage - but it made me realise that 'we' NT partners NEED one place, one site that provides information, support, recommended reading, qualified (AS) counsellors, forums for conversation - possibly even a sign up that gives geographic location so that people can set up/join support any local groups.

I applied (successfully!) for a grant to set up such a website and have just started working on this.

I would be really grateful to anyone interested in helping design the site - letting me know what would helpful to them, what works and what wouldn't. Do you know of any support groups that would like to be included on the site? Have any recommended reading or counsellors?

Hope to hear from you …


ghostonthecanvas Sun 27-Oct-13 21:20:38

I have no info for you. Just wanted to say good luck. I worry about LOs who have aspergers. It is good to know things are being done for them as adults. It seems to us a lot of help and advice is aimed at the young. I hope you get lots of input

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