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affair found out

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lindie11 Sat 26-Oct-13 21:57:06

Got a dilema - do i publically humiliate & let know to the chavie skank & her friends, etc; who I found out has been shagging my partner of 10 yrs for the last few months. Discovered not just sex but they were shacked up - she moved him in after issues with his boss/landlord. She'd kept hubby secret from most family/friends, didnt introduce to anyone - wasnt "hers" to really. His colleagues/friends knew (he works away) - some ive met/occassionally socialised with. She knew he was married, came home every weekend, rang me every night - whilst she was there. She came onto hubby when both drunk and had boyfriend of her own - greedy bitch. Boyfriend dumped her for a mate to which she'd the audacity to whinge & carry on. She's lied & deceived for months and it angers me that I was oblivious and she knew exactly what she was doing, is now playing hard done to "been dumped" line but I know they wont know the truth. Ive gone through rage anger tears - to hubby - but short of long drive and off chance of then bumping into her cant directly vent at her. She turned a loving kind gullable man into someone I dont know any more and havent done for months. Hubby has confessed all, is ashamed, dumped her straight away. He says no good can come of any revenge (he dont know what im planning). But im now raging again and feel she should get pay back & her "friends" should know what a shallow, lying, deceiptful, easy slapper she is. Dilema as to do I I let rip?

DownstairsMixUp Tue 05-Nov-13 15:40:08

wonders what bogeyface did to

How are you today OP?

Bogeyface Tue 05-Nov-13 15:52:02

I found his secret phone and I was going through the messages a few days later and she (his ex from years ago) said that she was just after a bit of fun with no strings.

I got the red mist rage and posted her phone number, along with the topless picture she had sent him, on a no strings website. She called the police after constant messages, dick pics and calls. The PC I spoke to was actually quite sympathetic, but said that I shouldnt do anything like this again or I would be arrested. I was a little put out, I was only helping her find what she wanted after all! grin

My revenge on him? Our marriage is over in all but name and he is currently in therapy involving intense self examination. He doesnt like what he sees, not one little bit.

Abbykins1 Tue 05-Nov-13 17:06:43

Good for you Bogey!!!

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