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Unfair contact?

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bubblybottom Mon 14-Oct-13 23:19:17

I am very unhappy with the arrangements for contact with my boys(7&8) with their dad.
He works away from home(London, home is northwest)
He picks them up every Friday night and drops off on Sunday evening.
Why am I unhappy?? Because I hear about all the fantastic things they have done, been on a steam train, buried each other in sand on the beach, camped out in the garden etc etc. I never get to do any of that with them.
I cook, clean, sort out uniform, take to school, do homework, drop off and pick up from rugby, BB and karate and put to bed. And I love doing all that. It's my job.
I don't think its unreasonable tho to ask my ex for every other weekend. Or is it?
The boys I have to say are more than happy with the arrangement, however, it's been all that they have been used to for the last 2 yrs..
It's not my fault he works in london(he manages to get time off to to his house up as and when it suits)
I am nervous to ask him
A. He has the money for solicitors, I don't
B. He has no communication skills with me
What do I do?

Jux Thu 31-Oct-13 23:37:06

As I understand it, 'contact' can mean a phone call or overnights, and anything in between. What was 'agreed'? Anything in particular, or just that there would be contact each weekend?

clam Thu 31-Oct-13 23:57:48

Fine, go to court. EOW is standard practice. And while you're at it, you can him to start paying what he should be paying for his children.
Do NOT be bullied by this miserly twat.

bubblybottom Fri 01-Nov-13 00:12:22

I seriously don't want or need what he should be paying. This about contact only.

pookamoo Fri 01-Nov-13 00:40:58

Having read the whole thread, I think you need to get some legal advice.
Yes, it may mean you have to pay for it, although you might get a free initial consultation, but you need a properly qualified person to represent you.

Speak to Women's Aid, and to the CSA.

Good luck.

Jux Fri 01-Nov-13 10:18:42

You may not need the extra money but you may as well get it while you're putting things on a stronger footing. As said before, put it in an account for the children. You never know what the future holds.

dozily Mon 04-Nov-13 07:11:56

Put it in a savings account - you might not need it now but children get more expensive as they get older. If they go to uni there will be tuition fees, rent etc.

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