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Can I ask about your financial arrangements?

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Writerwannabe83 Mon 07-Oct-13 14:18:38

I hope this isn't of a too personal nature but I'm just curious as to those who live with their partner/husband manage their finances?

When I moved in with my partner a few years ago we agreed I would give him £500 a month to cover half of all the expenses a month and that was fine. We are now married and the arrangement hasn't really changed but now it just sits 'weird' with me. I have spoke to him a few times about it and that surely most married couples have a complete joint account and all finances are shared. He is happy with the idea of having a joint account but says we should sit down, work out the running cost of the house each month and only put that amount of money in the account, 50/50. He said that way, the rest of our salary is ours to spend how we like without feeling like we have to justify our expenditures to each other etc. I am now recently pregnant and so again have discussed having one joint account with all our money in it but he doesn't seem to see why it should be necessary. His parents are not too impressed with his attitude.

To be honest, I'm happy with the joint account for all 'house stuff' and we have the rest of our money to ourselves, but I'm just curious as to what others do?

When I say that most married couples have complete joint sharing of the finances my husband tells me they don't. None of us have anything solid to base this on though, we just both want to be right smile

ShoeWhore Thu 10-Oct-13 09:22:20

I'm not sure about that estimate of the cost jasmine - do you mean after you've bought the big items like the pram, car seat, cot etc?

A biggish pack of nappies is about £5-6 so that's £250+ before you've thought about clothes, food (it's cheap to feed them yes but not free!), toys, highchair. We had noone to pass things on to us so had to buy everything ourselves and it can easily rack up.

jasminerose Thu 10-Oct-13 13:28:59

I didnt have a cot. I had a sling until she was 6 mths then a £30 stroller from mothercare. The sling my friend gave me, baby bundles of clothes are a fiver on facebook. I did end up buying a travel cot off there for 20 quid, but other than nappies I didnt yse anything else.

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