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H has had a tattoo of ow name- just another thing to piss me off.

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feelingvunerable Sun 06-Oct-13 21:51:38

Maybe I am being unreasonable and I am trying hard to move on.
Split from H barley 3 months ago.

He constantly lied, told me he loved me, wanted to spend his entire life with me etc etc.
Then I found out about ow.

He has been a complete shit ever since both with myself and dcs.

I am the one dealing with the fallout.

I have ceased all communication with him and converse only through my solicitor after being advised to do so for my own sanity by my G.P.

Anyway dd was distraught, yet again, after seeing him as he has had a tattoo with ow name on it, plus a symbol of her daughter's name.

All this despite the fact he was (and still is married to me) for 20 years and vowed he would never have any names tattooed excep[t for his own dcs.

Dd has told him how upset she is (plus what a dick he looks) it is very visable.

I am pissed off on several levels.
I have clearly never been that important to him.
Plus the dick isn't paying me any money but can spend it on bloody shit like this.

I really wish I could find a way to rid myself of him and all the pain he has caused.

ZiaMaria Mon 07-Oct-13 16:49:16

It's so he can remember her name. He's just forgetful bless him. wink

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