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too soon to have sex?

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mumtobe88 Sun 06-Oct-13 18:28:53

I gave birth to my daughter 3 weeks ago. She was delivered by ventouse, an extremely traumatic event for me, I lost a lot of blood, had an episiotomy, had to have surgery to remove my placenta as it didn't detach by itself and had a lot of stitches.
I am all healed up now 3 weeks later, my stitches have dissolved and I feel much better in myself.
My husband and I are considering having sex again for the first time since I gave birth but I don't know if its too soon or whether I should wait for my 6 week check up. Would it really be that bad not to wait that long? I feel fine physically, not in any pain at all. Have bought condoms and lube as that was all the advice I could find online.
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

cupcake78 Mon 07-Oct-13 08:10:33

Its a very personal choice!

We had sex 4 weeks after ds and 3 weeks after dd. However, both births were natural unassisted deliveries. 3rd degree tear with ds and found it uncomfortable so stopped and waited a bit longer.

If you feel your ready you could try but be prepared it might be sore as it will still be healing. Just take your time, tell dh to be very very gentle and if it hurts stop and do something else.

mammadiggingdeep Mon 07-Oct-13 08:10:45

3 weeks....wowsers!!!! Think I would have run a mile at the thought of sex after 3 weeks. Would definitely wait 6 weeks.

missbopeep Mon 07-Oct-13 08:19:07

Surely at 3 weeks you are still bleeding?

Might not bother you but would me.

The other issue is that although you say your stitches have dissolved and you have healed, you may have had some internal stitching ( and areas that are not healed) which you can't see.

The 6-week rule applies not just to post-birth sex but any 'injury' down there! Hysterectomy, vaginal repairs (I had that after DC2) and so on.

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