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Please help! I'm admitting defeat now. It's won!

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BimboJimbo Mon 23-Sep-13 08:53:05

I've been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for a year but now it's crippling me.
It's taken over. I can't fight it anymore.
Im sitting here dizzy and faint, don't feel like I'm in reality. I can't go out. I have no energy.
This has won.
I can't see a way of getting out of this.
I think I need help! Im going mad aren't I?
No one here to help!
I have two DC to look after!

goodjambadjar Wed 25-Sep-13 14:14:02

Great news about your daughters school place!

Have you got a slow cooker? takes a lot of stress out of dinnertime.

BimboJimbo Wed 25-Sep-13 14:57:10

No I haven't, I was thinking about getting one the other day. Think I will now DH will be working lates some weeks. Almost impossible to cook with 2 and 3 year olds! DH has been ok so far today.

TheBakeryQueen Wed 25-Sep-13 16:44:39

And you haven't always got to cook something that takes effort.

I often do Beans & cheese on toast or fish fingers, pasta & peas, that sort of thing. Lower your standards. There's lots of easy things you can do that are nutritionally balanced that require little effort. Or buy fresh veg pre chopped & fresh mash already mashed grin and then just add sausages or chicken or whatever they like, bit of gravy (instant) & that's tea sorted.

TheBakeryQueen Wed 25-Sep-13 16:45:03

And well done on getting the preschool place organised, that's fantastic.

Chyochan Wed 25-Sep-13 16:49:41

I'v been exactly where you are and I can tell you it gets better, its not quickly or easyly, but it does get better.

Have you seen your GP, you need to get medical help, I found anti depressants and going to a day centre put me on the path to recovery.

Also getting a bike was a godsend as it enabled me to leave the house, even if it was just for a ride around for 10mins. Would anything like this help? Try to think of things that could help you.

Also tell people, I was inhibited about people knowing, that was part of my problem, but when I did start to tell people I was amased how understanding other people were, many having similar issues. So dont feel its just you.

sixfootplus Wed 25-Sep-13 18:06:00


I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and can't help sitting here thinking wtf is wrong with your man?!

You've told him about the panic attacks whilst driving, and yet he still insists you drive for 15min to pick him up from work! Surely for such a short journey he could show an ounce of compassion and understanding and get the bloody bus!!!

I had a friend once that had a simliar thing to you - panic attacks whilst driving - and she went to her GP, who prescribed a small dose x 5 of Diazepam. The GP's instructions were to take one pill and let her body feel the effects (almost instant feeling of calm - her words), and then to keep the others in a pill bottle and carry with her when ever she was out driving.

The idea was for her to feel more relaxed about doing what ever the trigger for the attacks was because she had these pills on her. Being more relaxed helped with the anxiety, and to this day she has not had another attack, or taken any of the other pills.

It's all about a state of mind and finding a way to get your head around what is happening to you and not panicking, which just increases the strength and length of the attack.

You will find, likely, that during an attack you are hyperventilating (breathing too deep and too fast). This can cause your body to take in too much oxygen and trigger muscle cramps in your joints, fingers, arms and legs, it can also lead to feeling a tightening of the chest muscles and thinking you are having a heart attack - not so!

Breathing in and out into a bag will help ease this as you take in less and less oxygen and your breathing, body and pulse rate should return to normal after just a few breaths.

Another way to control your breathing is to breath in clench your fists and count to 10 and then breath out and release your fingers....

Like most things, you will have to find a way that works for you because we are all different. One thing that is generic though is that uncaring sod of a bloke that you're with who needs to be given a boot up the bum by you, or shown the door. You owe to yourself and your kids to stay mentally and physically fit and shouldn't have to put up with any nonsense from him because it's likely that's the cause of 99% of your continued anxiety.

I would, if it was me, show him your thread and tell him to wake up and realise what's to come if he doesn't shape up!

Best of luck to you and hope it works out OK.....

onyerbike Wed 25-Sep-13 18:15:23

Panic attacks can be a learned behaviour as a result of stress and depression. Its a good thing to keep yourself busy, i take it you cant go for a walk?
Housework is the next best thing.
Do you know you can get apps that are designed for anxiety to distact your thinking?

Thats how common it is - you're not alone!!!

Hissy Wed 25-Sep-13 19:27:34

I was in a similar situation to yours. My DS was 3 too, i'd lost my entire life.

Ended up with agoraphobia. Mild, but crap nonetheless.

My DR suggested Rescue Remedy, I have a spray in my bag still! Never need it now though!

Your relationship has done this to you.

I'm on my own for almost 3 yrs now. Couldn't be happier generally. Issues with my family, but i'd have that anyway!

You can do this, and you won't recognise yourself!

BimboJimbo Wed 25-Sep-13 19:44:06

Thank you so much for all your lovely replies. It nice to know I can come here and people will listen to me. It's been a nightmare trying to get GP appointment, but I will try again tomorrow.
DH has been saying to me today that he doesn't understand why I can't drive and how has it got to this?
I wish I understood myself. He will never understand as he doesn't have to live with it on a daily basis.
I was having a good day until about an hour ago, my mum phoned to tell me she has just found out she has breast cancer sad
Can this world I live in throw anymore crap my way?!
I'm determined to try and carry on my good mood today but it's slowly going.
Will probably been posting a lot tomorrow afternoon/ evening while DH away. You lot really helped me through the other morning, so thank you

TheBakeryQueen Wed 25-Sep-13 20:47:46

Oh no hmm I'm so sorry for such terrible news.

Wishing you & your mum strength.

NamelessMcNally Wed 25-Sep-13 20:57:33

Oh lovely, your poor Mum. I don't know what to say. Cancer is a horrible disease. Do you know what stage?

Could you just present at your GP? I genuinely think you are in crisis and a turn up and sit in might motivate them to see you. They do sound shockingly bad. When does your 3yo start preschool? Maybe just one spirited toddler in tow to increase the motivation?

Do you have access to surestart or a reasonable HV who might be able to prod your useless GP? Sure start more for toddler support (they sound challenging which is normal, mine are 4.6 and 2.5 and I'm still driven nuts most days).

You are doing so well.

DENMAN03 Wed 25-Sep-13 21:07:54

Please go to the doctor. I have suffered with panic attacks for over 30 years. At my worst I was having 20 a day and could barely go to work. I now have a low level drug which keeps it at bay. I haven't had one for nearly 3 years. Its breaking the cycle that's the hardest part. I can recommend CBT if your doctor will agree to that. It helps with coping strategies. Stay strong x

FTRsMammy Wed 25-Sep-13 22:13:08

My pleasure. Sorry to hear about your mum that's really not what you need. So I'm send you some very unmumsnetty hugs

BimboJimbo Wed 25-Sep-13 22:35:15

Thank you everyone.
I am going to go into doctors tomorrow. Pointless ringing them, I sat on phone all day to then be told they shut at lunchtime today. I already take a low dose of a beta blocker but it doesn't help at all. I will ask about cbt. I would rather that than cover up a problem with pills. I get so anxious taking tablets anyway because I'm scared of the side effects. Sounds so silly. I'm going to try and go for a long walk with DC tomorrow. I've got to force myself out or it will just get worse.
I have to go for a look around the pre school for DD tuesday afternoon. DD is very excited! It's right around the corner from our house too, so another reason to go for walks. Feeling positive tonight, we will see about tomorrow.
Mum isn't sure what stage the cancer is at yet. The nurse/consultant said they think they have caught it early and hopefully mum will just need an operation and a little bit of radiotherapy. She finds out more Wednesday. She's off on holiday for the weekend so hopefully take her mind off it. DH not exactly been very supportive. He buggered off to our neighbours house for the evening!
I'm going to try get some sleep.
Thank you for all your replies .

NorksAreMessy Wed 25-Sep-13 22:44:54

bimbo if ever there was a problem crying out for CBT, this is it...
I had exactly six sessions of CBT and it enabled me (for example) to walk up a road that had completely paralysed me before, to climb ladders (impossible before) and to go to the theatre like a 'real' person.

I know you a having problems getting a GP appointment, but even googling and researching CBT might help you to learn some techniques.

I am setting aside the problem with your husband deliberately. BUT you may well find that he is the root cause of a significant proportion of your anxiety.

Sending strength and love fom Malvern

BigArea Thu 26-Sep-13 00:01:23

Bimbo so sorry to hear about your mum.

Re the CBT, with my local service (Bristol) you could just self refer, no need for a GP to get involved at all. It was Right Steps which is part of Turning Point - you can put your postcode in here to find your local equivalent I think.

That aside I think it sounds like different meds might benefit you anyway (esp with this new bombshell to deal with) so go to the surgery, tell them it is an emergency you are having a breakdown or whatever word you feel is appropriate and you need to see someone urgently. I'd just turn up at the docs for 8am and sit it out if I were you.

I suggested earlier writing a list or some notes for the GP - might this approach help you explain to your DH too?

Hope you get a good sleep, I am going to try for some myself now.

BimboJimbo Thu 26-Sep-13 10:31:40

Doctors tried to fob me off again saying there was absolutly no appointments today.
I said I would keep ringing unless somebody sees me today.
She gave me a sit and wait appointment for 11.10.
Going to force myself to tell them how I really feel.
Im having a crap morning with it all again.
DH is being a total lazy arse!

Lweji Thu 26-Sep-13 10:43:47

Take any appointments. Even if in two weeks.

Meanwhile, try [[ Mind]]. They have a link for urgent help.

Also their page about panic attacks

Lweji Thu 26-Sep-13 10:44:05



Blossomflowers Thu 26-Sep-13 10:59:24

Hi Bimbo it is very difficult for people to understand panic attacks if they have never suffered them. I talk from experience, It took over my life for several years, in the end I could not leave the house, I could not walk, breath, I thought I was going mad. in those day GP's were not that sympathetic. My leg went numb at some point and GP stuck lots of pins which made it bleed, I felt nothing, he then prescribed diamzipan (not sure how you spell it) which made me worse. I am telling you because, I know you can overcome this. It has been many many years since I suffered an attack, How? I went to see a hypnotherapist, it was an almost overnight cure. She taught me how to cope, I still use her coping technique to this day. I was a totally sceptical before but it worked, she saved my life, she really did. I urge you to give it a try. Please pm if you want to know more smile

Hissy Thu 26-Sep-13 11:23:44

Good for you for insisting! Fingers crossed the GP is less of an arse than the Receptionist!

Please tell them EVERYTHING you told us - relationship stuff too? It's relevant, and NOT your fault, ok?

BimboJimbo Thu 26-Sep-13 11:47:19

Just got back from doctors.
GP understood slightly. He's upped my dose of beta blockers from 2 to 5 tablets a day.
He's also referred me to CBT. Thank god! Something is going to happen! He didn't tell me how long I would have to wait though. Just told me to fill out a questionnaire and give it to the receptionist. I really hope it's not too long.
Feel like crap today! I haven't had a panic attack but anxiety is threw the roof and my breathing is crap! I can't wait to try and put this behind me! And hopefully when I'm stronger I'll get rid of the other problem in my life.
Thank you, will have a look at link

Lweji Thu 26-Sep-13 12:01:59

That's good.

I don't know in your area, but my exH in London had to wait 3-4 months for CBT and he was entitled to 25 weekly sessions.

You can still try the breathing exercises. There are books and even CDs that you can listen to to practice.
You can try sites likethis for self help.
CBT is a lot about doing your homework and working on yourself to change your patterns of behaviour.

PS - I wonder if you shouldn't get rid of the other problem in your life to become stronger...

Lweji Thu 26-Sep-13 12:03:36

Exercise may also help with anxiety and panic attacks, particularly with the tiredness that may follow.
If you have a strong heart, the panic attacks won't seem so bad.

Hissy Thu 26-Sep-13 12:13:45

I agree, the one problem will help you resolve the other.

Your body's crying out for you to notice this.

Stick around kiddo, we're here!

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