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Yet another shit weekend

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fedupandexhausted Sun 22-Sep-13 18:45:59

Have name changed for this one.

DH has just stormed out of the house following yet another strop from DD10 who's been pretty foul all weekend. In the middle of dinner and he's thrown it, plate and all into the bin. Shouted he'll be home after the kids are in bed which no doubt I'll be doing alone again.

I feel like he's disengaging from us all - and he's so harsh with his words and can be mean when in a mood. Says I'm too soft on them - maybe i am but sometimes I compensate the other way.

Storming out is his favourite trick if really peed off but he's not done it for a few years....usually when he's mad at me and then he sulks for at least a week....longer if I ignore it. He never apologises either. I just cant be arsed with it today.

OldernotWiser47 Mon 23-Sep-13 09:56:02

Cogito- if her DF's behaviour is anything to go by, maybe the DD playing up all weekend is not all that surprising.

Stroppy teenager-in-waiting can try the patience of a Saint- but who exactly is the child here, and has she just been shown how an adult deals appropriately with stressful situations?

catameringue Mon 23-Sep-13 10:10:31

What would he do if you did this to him?

I wouldn't confuse walking out (which when someone is losing their temper is a good thing) with his abusive behaviour before he left. If he calmly said he needed some air that would be rather different.

That behaviour of throwing the plate and food in front of you and the children is highly aggressive. What message does he think he's teaching his children? It's intimidating behaviour designed to frighten you from challenging it. No wonder the dcs act up - they are witnessing his poor behaviour and that he gets away with it.

Is he abusive in other ways?

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