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Are you divorced or separated? How long before your DC stopped...

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WhiteandGreen Thu 19-Sep-13 18:42:31

hoping you'd get back together?

Separated now for ten months, and DD (age 6) still talks about how she wished we weren't separated. I am much much happier without my passive aggressive, controlling ex so it's not going to happen. I've tried explaining that mummy and daddy didn't get on well, but my ex talks to her about how he wished we could be together. (Grrr! No point in trying to get him to stop - would just mean engaging again)

I'm hoping that she'll get used to the situation of 50/50 shared residency, but if I'm honest I thought that would have happened by now. He is a good dad but terrible husband.

I'm thinking at least it's good that she's sharing how she feels clutches at straws.

Any advice or similar experiences welcome smile

Bonsoir Fri 20-Sep-13 14:10:35

It is also worth bearing in mind that when DCs express sadness or regret about their parents' separation or divorce, it is not necessarily an expression of their wishing for their parents to get back together but rather sadness at the failure of their parents' relationship.

I think it is quite normal for DCs whose parents' relationship didn't make it to be sad.

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