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AIBU to be annoyed at DH

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MisselthwaiteManor Mon 16-Sep-13 20:16:52

I have a 13 week old who screams all evening, 3-4 hours almost solidly, she has done this for weeks. She also has reflux which is controlled pretty well during the day but this screaming often sets off a vomit fest.

I have PND and anxiety and basically just hate being alive right now and this screaming doesn't help.

DH often works late (to 11pm) but after me calling him home in tears several times his boss allowed him to change his hours so he could work earlier and get home at a normal time. This happened for one week, DH has now switched his hours (by choice, not his bosses say-so) to working till 11pm EVERY FUCKING WEEKDAY hmm

I am on day one of this and the baby is screaming right now and I am feeling like he has done this on purpose so he doesn't have to deal with it and I can't see past the next 3 hours let alone doing this every day for the next however many years.

I have no other local support and he knows this. I fucking hate him right now and I feel like telling him to not bother coming home. I don't know if my judgement is being clouded by this incessant noise and stress but I don't want to see his face after he has done this to me.

She will be angelic when he comes home so he is of no use to me then.

MisselthwaiteManor Mon 23-Sep-13 16:23:42

My plans are going OK, I've decided to stay in this house and remove DH, because I've done nothing wrong. Our tenancy is up this month so have been talking to the landlady about renewing it in just my name. How to physically get him to leave is another matter. He will probably go and stay with his parents which will be a good place for him to have contact with the baby.

He is being incredibly weird, is cooking for me and running me baths and things, seems nice but gets very very stroppy when it isn't met with applause and trumpets. He's acting very desperate and I think realises it's over and is panicking but doesn't want to say so and relinquish emotional control.

mistlethrush Mon 23-Sep-13 18:49:58

I think that him locking you in the house gives you a very good reason to get him out.

Glad that the plans are going well.

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