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Is this odd? Or is it just me?

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HessianWeave Tue 10-Sep-13 22:49:05

NC for this. would like other's perspective on this.

Ended my 8 month relationship yesterday evening. This morning I received an email from him that said "I'm not bothered because I saw it coming. I'm honestly not upset". confused
He didn't say much else but isn't it odd to write an email like that? I hadn't written one to him, it just came out of nowhere.
Is he trying to have a go at me or is he just acting cocky or something?

MissManaged Wed 11-Sep-13 09:16:51

He pressed a wind up button
And its working.

Step back mentally. See it for what it is (an immature last shot) and realise that having the last word does not equal winning.
It is far more mature and sensible to simply ignore.

And massively more irritating for the person trying to provoke you.

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