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Best dating site; is POF dodgy?

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superstarheartbreaker Mon 09-Sep-13 19:02:18

So far I am on two of the free dating websites; ok cupid and POF. There seem to be a lot of players/men just interested in sex. Is it worth paying for Match and Eharmony?

akaWisey Mon 09-Sep-13 20:19:20

I know this isn't everyone's view but I don't think it makes all that much difference if you're on a paid site or not.

I've tried all the ones you mention and eharmony was the worst of all but for different reasons than POF. OK cupid is, well, ok.

MimiSunshine Mon 09-Sep-13 22:10:26

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

There are loads of people (not just blokes) just looking for sex but they're pretty much open about it as you can put that's what you're looking for.
In my experience, avoid anyone who:
has any kind of semi naked picture
Any 'arty' shots where you can't really see them properly
Start the email with 'hey, babe / gorgeous / sexy' etc

On your profile keep it short (you don't hand a manifesto of your personality / life style etc when you meet people in real life), put looking for a relationship if that's what you're looking for. Dating / nothing serious / see where it goes is misleading and invites the wrong type.

Match seems to have more older bit more 'baggage' types, POF has younger less 'baggage' types IME.

Is there any point? Well my best friend has tried them all over 3yrs and got no where, met some nice blokes and for one reason or another (sometimes her choice sometimes not) its not worked out.
I met my bf on POF and we now live together.

Hormonalhell Mon 09-Sep-13 22:29:15

Don't think it's dodgy but it has it's problems. I've had about 20 dates from POF and still single hmm

Squeegle Mon 09-Sep-13 22:29:38

I met a very nice chap on POF; I've also chatted to lots of nice ones on okcupid. I think it's the luck of the draw really. It's like saying are there good jobs advertised in The Times? Some will be good, some will not be. I have also had lots of sauciness and dodginess on both but have found it mainly totally amusing. My favourite was a guy who called himself Dr VajBanger. Yes really. I'm not sure he really was a Dr though. hmm

bestsonever Mon 09-Sep-13 23:15:21

Can get blokes looking just for sex on any site. IME poorer quality of male on PoF but then met men on eharmony who were after one thing and nothing long term. Even if a site is meant to be geared towards relationships, they are still on it hunting for the next shag. The key is to take your time - sort the wheat from the chaff. Shagmeisters lose interest and move on, with or without a shag first - better to make sure it's without.

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