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Where do you start ?

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Blondeorbrunette Sat 07-Sep-13 22:35:42

I have been where you are.

You have to get out out.

You must get out

Please get out..

There is a beautiful life right in front of you. All you have to do I'd reach out. Literally.

What this cunt is doing is do so cuntish its beyond words. He cant have the life you long for, and he doesn't want you to either. So he controls the only thing he can. You.

You will see him for the pathetic bastard he is when you are living your own life, under your own roof, under your own rules.

As I type this my heart is racing and the hairs on the back of my neck are standing. I remember it so well.

I hate that the bastard still had some control even know. I feel sick, but I don't feel afraid. Come join me, you will not regret it.

I can't type fast enough. It's almost like I need to tell you this quickly.

Get out now before you get out in a box.

Do it not only for yourself, but for your son because you are a good mother and you want him to grow into the best man he can be.

I wish you luck and all the courage in the world to put one foot in front of the other and walk away.

It really is that easy.

Take care.

whitesugar Sat 07-Sep-13 12:23:17

I am sorry you are going through this. You need to get legal advice to see where you stand financially. Do this as soon as possible and don't tell him you are doing it. Doing this will give you strength and put you in the driving seat. Until you know where you stand try your absolute best to ignore his taunts. Please also ring women's aid who will have heard this situation a million times and will tell you everything you need to know.

Make no mistake his behaviour is vile. It is extremely common for men to try to convince woman that they are going insane. It is almost predictable behaviour for men like him. You are not going insane you are being abused. If you can't tell your friends or family please go to see your doctor to offload to someone.

Myself and lots of mums on here have been in the exact same situation. I got out and although you will have to go through some inconvenience to get there you will find peace. You only have one life. Don't waste anymore time with this prick. You can enjoy life again with your lovely son. You are definitely not alone in going through this. I wish you well. I would love to see you post again to say you left the bastard! Good luck.

20yearsstolen Sat 07-Sep-13 11:55:36


20yearsstolen Sat 07-Sep-13 11:54:45

We are not married , we own our home (with mortgage) both named on we both work I'm only part time main carer of our three year old .

He doesn't scare me he can't make me feel any worse a out life than I already do . He is a nasty spiteful person that would make my life even harder than it is now . The things he says I know he would make things very difficult for me . He repeatedly tells me I'm mad and that I need a Dr . This is normally said after I've stood up to him or refused to do something for him or disagreed with an opinion. Now he makes cuckoo noises at me when I try and talk to him or asking to stop making spiteful comedy's in front of our child .

Viking1 Sat 07-Sep-13 11:41:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

20yearsstolen Sat 07-Sep-13 11:00:03

I have used this site before and I don't want to drip feed but I don't know where to begin or what parts to write about .

I know I have to leave but I don't know where to start . I have been with this man since I was 15 now 35 over half my life and I just know know what to do , I'm so tired from the crap I have to deal with daily , what is the first step ?
He won't leave I know I should for the sake of mine and my child's happiness but feel so angry that my only option is to make ourselves homeless . How do you do that ? How do you just walk away with the clothes on your back ?

I have no family or friends to turn to and in the back of my head can't help thinking keep your friends close but your enemies closer ! Not even sure why I'm writing this on here because ultimately I know I'm the only one that can help me out of our situation but I feel so scared/weak It feels like my life is totally worthless and don't know where to turn .

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