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I think I'm going to finish with DP

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Johnny5needsinput Mon 02-Sep-13 18:14:32

I'm a regular. Please don't out me if you recognise me. I am female the user name is from a film called short circuit.

I'm going to finish with DP. I feel sick.

Lizzabadger Sat 14-Sep-13 11:28:39

Oh sod that. Eat chocolate cake and watch trash then go out dancing!

Johnny5needsinput Sat 14-Sep-13 11:12:43

Washing and ironing .....

Lizzabadger Sat 14-Sep-13 10:49:28

Good on you!

You are well-rid.

Hope you are doing lots of nice things.

Johnny5needsinput Sat 14-Sep-13 09:25:22

Doing good. Still haven't heard from him. Spent last night out with a bunch of girlfriends. I do miss him but I also like being able to be me.

Dd is with her dad this weekend so I'm keeping myself busy.

cloudskitchen Sat 14-Sep-13 09:08:26

How are you doing Johnny?

SequinsOfEvents Sat 14-Sep-13 04:50:43

Hi Johnny

Hope all is going well for you and you've stayed strong and away from this man.

It's been over almost a week since you last posted and I was just wondering.

Hope you're well smile

PseudoBadger Mon 09-Sep-13 19:57:58

Stay strong smile

Johnny5needsinput Mon 09-Sep-13 19:45:28

I'm going to have a bath and go to bed. I ache.

Johnny5needsinput Mon 09-Sep-13 19:31:24

I want to shout and rant and yell at him. But if I do he'd just twist it against me.

So I'm eating chocolate cake and mnetting instead :D

PseudoBadger Mon 09-Sep-13 19:30:05

So ask yourself - if he contacts you, or does any of those things in your last post - what do you want out of it? What will you do? This no contact seems hard now, but it's surely easier in the long term as you could put him out if your mind now and move on.

Johnny5needsinput Mon 09-Sep-13 19:21:30

I haven't contacted him. I won't. That would give him power over me. I know that, logically. But god I miss him.

tripper20 Mon 09-Sep-13 19:18:16

<delurking> You are worth more than all the empty words, texts, calls, flowers he could send. He's hoping you'll be missing him and is waiting for you to contact him. Then you'll be back to square one - again.
<back to lurking>

Johnny5needsinput Mon 09-Sep-13 19:12:33

He still hasn't contacted me. Not a word. No text. No phone call. No visit. No flowers. No dramatic gesture. Is that really all I was worth? Nothing?

PseudoBadger Mon 09-Sep-13 19:10:48

Read back through the thread. Remind yourself what an arse he is. Turn off your phone and delete his number.

Johnny5needsinput Mon 09-Sep-13 19:06:23

This is not a good night. I'm sitting here in tears. I miss him.

Johnny5needsinput Sat 07-Sep-13 20:05:25

Lol. Similar but foyles war here

Vivacia Sat 07-Sep-13 19:55:37

That's the rock and roll lifestyle I live, you see?

Vivacia Sat 07-Sep-13 19:55:23

Are you in to the X Factor? I'm going to join in with the thread in Telly Addicts at 8.

Johnny5needsinput Sat 07-Sep-13 19:53:57

Nthing. Dd has a friend round. We are out all day tomorrow at my cousins. So a night off is no bad thing.

Vivacia Sat 07-Sep-13 19:40:31

What have you got planned for the evening?

Johnny5needsinput Sat 07-Sep-13 19:10:37

Thanks all. Tonight I am not so good. I suspect even though I don't drink I am knackered after last night.

Fairenuff Sat 07-Sep-13 10:06:52

So glad you went out and enjoyed yourself Johnny. Maybe make a note of that and stick it on your fridge so that next time, if you can't be bothered, it will give you that little reminder.

Johnny5needsinput Sat 07-Sep-13 10:02:53

Lol that made me smile. You're right.

changeforthebetter Sat 07-Sep-13 09:54:03

perhaps you don't miss him, just a someone to share stuff with. driving home from work after a tough day I'd love to have a dp for a hug. I get two stroppy overtired primary kids instead. but I really wouldn't have my wankferret back. I'm worth more and si are you <one hand on hip, wags finger> wink

Johnny5needsinput Sat 07-Sep-13 07:29:52

I'm really not that great, but thanks thanks. I miss him. But not enough to want him back. If we had still been together I probably wouldn't have gone last night because he would have moaned and huffed and puffed and it would have been easier to stay at home.

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