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Friendship come to an end

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MissDD1971 Thu 22-Aug-13 14:49:53

I think but not sure that an overseas friendship has come to an end. I think we have very different lifestyles and she has more pressing issues re children etc.

I am sympathetic, pleased for her etc but just feel that maybe I'm sometimes too child free, selfish, drama queen-like for her and to be honest sometimes hearing about her kids bores me to tears.

have known her for approx 20 years.

what signs to look out for and am I being too harsh? only reason I'm asking re this is if I ask about this problem to say another friend, my mum or have asked another chat room they all say "give her a break don't cut off all contact".

discolatte Mon 26-Aug-13 19:11:19

If you can be as honest with her as you are on here, why not ask if she agrees with the above? You might both agree to keep in touch for old times sake but admit to each other that for the time being you don't have so much in common. In another 10 years after sending xmas cards you might have a great meet up as older women with more in common again. It's sad to throw off old friends. If no-one has fallen out, why rush to end it?

julienbanueloss Tue 27-Aug-13 06:18:25

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