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Single, how to meet people (men?)

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MissDD1971 Thu 15-Aug-13 10:54:01

I know this isn't a mummy question but it's a question I'm going to ask for me and few single ladies.

We're aged between 38 and 41 (about 4 of us), totally normal, with jobs, solvent, attractive (dare I say it?!), funny etc. But we either find it hard to meet nice men or to socialise with them.

Doesn't help that one of my friends isn't much into bars but prefers salsa dancing etc but then discounts any men there. This friend is also a church going Christian (she's used a Christian dating website but it was affiliated to other ones and not really Christian).

We've tried dating websites - I met my last boyfriend through there - and though they're good I prefer to meet people in public.

We go to the gym/cinema/occasional meet up groups/dining out etc and also go to the occasional local festival (music/food etc).

I think personally we need to strike up conversations more and get to know men not just as partners but as friends/acquaintances etc (we did this recently with some guys, I got asked out twice same evening in space of 5 minutes! This happened in the communal gardens of my friend's private flat, we then got asked into a nice guy's flat where he had some friends who we had a drink with). But for me it was more we'd actually spoke/hung out with normal guys, not seeing them as partners?

Are we being really picky? Any tips?

Llareggub Thu 15-Aug-13 10:57:33

Are you really the same age as me? I have never referred to myself as a lady.

MissDD1971 Thu 15-Aug-13 11:02:51

Ha yes I am. I refer myself to as a girl really or woman but lady sometimes too.

Viking1 Thu 15-Aug-13 11:28:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissDD1971 Thu 15-Aug-13 12:11:42

we usually go out in a group (4 of us) but I think we're not good at approaching people even when we're by ourselves. Shyness maybe?

Yes, good ideas re by ourselves. I can see we'd be intimidating in a large group!

Val007 Thu 15-Aug-13 12:43:09

Are you aiming for marriage with children? Or just companionship? Are you really too picky?

MissDD1971 Thu 15-Aug-13 13:52:17

I would like marriage not necessarily children. Companionship yes. And no I'm not too picky but one of my friends (the Christian one) does have a few standards I think.

I'm quite open minded and have had more dates overall but I'm more open to getting myself out there and networking and dating.

ladybranston Thu 15-Aug-13 15:00:14

i love talking about dating! here are some ideas (i'm a british expat in nyc so some may not apply in the UK)
dog parks
whisky tastings
cigar bars (if you can stand the smell)
DIY classes at B&Q
Commuting (take public transport and just smile at people/universe)
sporting events (local footie club)
join a coed sports league
trade shows/work conferences
boat shows
car shows
church/syngagogue/temple etc
local festivals (esp retro ones with fun activities such as swordfighting and archery

i'll come up with more, but most importantly, i think the key is not to hang about in a pack. separate yourself and keep circulating, to the toilet, to the bar, around and around. men are very intimidated by women in groups and you have to give him a space (literally!) to approach. hope this helps, let's keep each other posted!

Undertone Thu 15-Aug-13 15:10:02

But... but... ladybranston I have ZERO interest in any of those things (whisky? Cigars? Cars? Football? Why not just say "hang out in a strip joint"?)

I bomb around on my own all the time to things that interest me. I don't look like a dog but I have been approached 0 times. I am grimly considering having to drag friends out for evenings in bars again (which I hate). I don't think there are any fast rules.

Llareggub Thu 15-Aug-13 15:49:28

Well, as a single woman myself I'm not sure any of the advice from ladybranston applies to my situation. I do online dating with little success. Most people I know meet their partners in pubs or through online dating. I guess the answer is not to look too hard!

EBearhug Fri 16-Aug-13 00:33:33

I'm single and 41 - and I've had no luck at ad ed classes (learnt lots though, which was the main aim), and not at the swimming pool, and not travelling around, and not anywhere, really.

Which is of no help, but it's not an unusual problem.

Bant Fri 16-Aug-13 04:56:13

I agree, if you're in a pack, men generally wouldn't approach you. Two or maximum 3 are approachable but that's pushing it.
You'll have to make sure none of you are just on a girls night out if some of you are looking to meet a bloke too - in fact last year I was in a bar with a male friend and at the next table was a group of 6 women.

One of them smiled at me and seemed interested when I looked over, and before I got the chance to think up something to say one of the group told me and my friend loudly to stop hassling them, they were just out for a drink with the girls. The one who'd seemed interested then mouthed 'sorry' at me. Apparently they weren't all on the same page (and we hadn't exactly been leching, we'd been mostly focused on discussing web page design, boring buggers that we are)

Being in a large group makes you off limits pretty much. Pubs, parties, pub quizzes, shops, bowling, sports clubs. All of those are more likely.

And as far as comparing a football game to a strip club, that's kind of a ridiculous comparison.

MissDD1971 Fri 16-Aug-13 13:19:08

I'm approached sometimes in the street (if there are eg events on, there was a street party last year not in my street but approached there), Notting Hill Carnival etc. and also sometimes local pub during the day/night.

Sometimes I say hello, start conversation sometimes not but I am call me Miss Fussy sometimes freaked out by a man who doesn't know me starting a conversation. Maybe I've watched too many Crimewatch programmes!

Never tried that many pub quizzes but I do know 2 people who met at one. Shops - never ever been approached. I was also advised by someone say to go to Waitrose - amble by spices or something high to reach and sports clubs I'd have no idea which ones to join.

Silverfoxballs Fri 16-Aug-13 13:42:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadeMan Fri 16-Aug-13 15:44:32

OP, as others have said, if you're going out in a pack with your friends then no man is going to approach any of you because he will assume you are all on a "Here come the girls!" night/day out sponsored by Boots the Chemist. You might get a few wolf whistles from groups of lads out on the lash, so you'll have to go for the groups of men rather than the individuals; although they'll probably only be out for a laugh/one nighter rather than looking for potential wives.

I'm currently a single man in my late 30's and I also don't do any of the things that ladybranston has so far suggested (apart from very occasional sporting events); maybe she will update us with some more tips. wink

All I know is that evening classes and adult education haven't turned up any suitable women yet; they're full of attached mums or retired men. Coffee shops and cafes are no good; there's only so long you can sit in one before you either look like you've been stood up, or have no home to go to. This bollocks movie idea that there will be a nice available woman quietly reading a paperback in a café waiting to be chatted up is quite frankly... bollocks; it never happens (why would anyone go to a busy cafe to read a book anyway???).

I'll maybe add some more of my non-starter tips as I remember them.

MissDD1971 Fri 16-Aug-13 22:08:27

MadeMan your comments are really interesting.

So where do you go or would you go to meet girls/members of opposite sex?!

Also if you approach a female in street/train station (happen end to me on platform today!) is that coming on too strong or am I being too harsh on these poor males brave enough to approach me without alcohol?

Doozle06 Fri 16-Aug-13 22:18:14

I have the same problem. I am the only single woman I know (in my age group, anyway), but at 41 I might as well be invisible! Internet dating has been a festival of freaks, and I cannot remember the last time I even encountered a single man while out, let alone magically struck up a conversation with one.

flummoxedlummox Fri 16-Aug-13 22:32:19

I've met my ex's through groups of friends mingling, problem is that was when we we're in our twenties/early thirties. Now at 47 all my old friends are settled down and having come out of a ten year relationship over a year ago I don't have that opportunity (can't remember the last house party I went to).

I've looked at online dating but I can't "feel" anything towards words and pictures so don't feel able to message any of the women I think I might like.

I starting to wonder if the internet is a barrier to people having to interact in RL as they invest everything online.

MadeMan Sat 17-Aug-13 01:02:30

"...(can't remember the last house party I went to)."

Maybe you don't flummoxed, but I'll bet it went something like this: wink

@ MissDD1971 Aside from the cafes and adult education routes that I've mentioned trying, I'm not sure where to actually look to be honest. My last two girlfriends I met through work and previous to them it would have been the pubs and clubs way. Don't fancy the clubs thing these days, especially those over 30's ones; I always imagine them to be full of old shaggers of both sexes, rather than people out seeking long terms.

I am thinking of perhaps joining a walking group like the Ramblers or similar because I like the fresh air and the countryside, but I'm slightly concerned that they might be full of eco-warriors and vegetarians. Not that either are necessarily bad, I'd just be worried that they may find my carnivorous carbon polluting ways a bit too much and run off and leave me stranded in the woods.

As for approaching women on the street, I think unless it's someone that you see regularly like at the bus stop, or on the train ride into work, then you will only be met with suspicion; I can't see it ever working out well like in those old Impulse deodorant commercials of the 1980's. smile

One other thing I'll also mention is that for anyone using social media such as Facebook to do the whole 'self promotion' thing, you may want to think about not making yourself look too unavailable if you want to start a relationship (could also apply to online dating). If potential suitors only see photos of you confidently travelling the world, or always out with the girls they might just think you're busy enjoying your single life and not interested in finding a partner right now.

MissDD1971 Sat 17-Aug-13 12:18:47

MadeMan - I wasn't referring to me approaching men in street more what were your or other MNers views on it. I wouldn't approach anyone IRL most I do is chat to barista at coffee shop and he's gay Lol.

Walking and rambling groups can turn up a few single females who are normal eg not overly Eco warrior types but do tend to be a few couples and in groups too.

Meet up groups very good for other activities.

Kiwiinkits Sat 17-Aug-13 13:19:09

A man approached me on the street and started chatting to me once. He's now my husband. wink

Kiwiinkits Sat 17-Aug-13 13:20:23

Join a weekend cycling group. Loads of men. And in Lycra!

RockinD Sat 17-Aug-13 13:52:00

Surveys show that most people meet their partners through work, shared interests or through mutual friends.

DD1 met her DH at work, DD2 met her DP because he went to school with her flatmate. I met my DH because we were both co-opted onto the same community campaign, but then it turned out that we had mutual friends.

I appreciate that it depends where you work, but my employer has social activities, a book club, a gardening club and other things to get involved in. If I were single I would go to more of those things.

I still think the secret is to go out and do stuff, whether you go to the theatre or to gigs, do a physical activity, community work, whatever.

Oh, and never turn down an invitation. The tedious neighbour who invites you in for drinks might turn out to have a drop dead gorgeous BIL!

Finally, don't discount social networking. By following people and activities I am interested in on FB I have got to know so many people and then met them in RL and yes, quite a few of them are presentable single men.

Bant Sat 17-Aug-13 14:05:06

I agree, Facebook is a curse to society in many ways, people just virtually chat and don't see their friends in person, but there are events in your hometown you could join in, everyone wants to meet new people at those things.

Confidence is important though, going to some event surrounded by friends may be an experience but you won't meet new people. Find something happening near you and go by yourself or with a friend, walk up to someone and start talking about something relevant. It doesn't even have to be someone you fancy, you'll have made a new node in your social network and that will be fun to explore- as rockinD says. You never know who you'll meet

widowerbutok Sat 17-Aug-13 14:05:55

A number of my friends have met their ladies at dancing classes. Controlled situation, change partners regally and holding on to each other in a dance. Just a thought.

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