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sootikins is still (not) sleeping #6

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MrsShrek3 Sat 13-Jul-13 01:15:42

seeing as I am awake again wink
come hither!

VitoCorleone Tue 16-Jul-13 01:15:42

Im just so angry. I want to go downstairs and actully beat the shit out of him. I just want tomorrow to come and him to just go, i just want him out. I will be so much better off without him.

jynier Tue 16-Jul-13 01:59:13

OK! Understand that you are very hurt and angry - no need for the foul language, though!

Post again without the expletives! Can't speak for anyone else but I don't like it!

Start again, Vito!

VitoCorleone Tue 16-Jul-13 02:04:50

Sorry sad leaving the thread now

cafecito Tue 16-Jul-13 02:21:46

Hi Vito, sorry you are having a rough time. You're welcome here if you're awake tonight these things can throw your world into absolute disarray and you don't know if you're coming or going. I hope you are ok

cafecito Tue 16-Jul-13 02:25:08

Just seen your thread Vito stay strong. You are much much better off without him! You've spent 6 years on a loser, had beautiful DC so it's not time wasted, but you don't need to waste any time from hereonin. More fool anyone else who would have him - sounds like he's been extremely foolish and more concerningly has been abusive to you. Absolutely, get rid, and never look back.

cafecito Tue 16-Jul-13 02:26:23

jynier you made me laugh so much with your comment re 24yo grin thank you

hello Mrs, yep madder than ever confused oh my

I am getting rather grumpy in this weather, and definitely living on ice cream

summerdad !!! heeeeey!!! *all hail all hail master

cafecito Tue 16-Jul-13 02:28:01

stars sorry about DD has any support been lined up via GP, with CAMHs maybe? what a stress for you and you must feel so helpless. she is very lucky to have you so supportive I am sure things are better now than they have been for some time but she needs to learn healthy coping strategies (easier said than done of course) does she have any hobbies you could encourage a renewed interest in?

cafecito Tue 16-Jul-13 02:30:34

interestingly jynier, I never swear. I have aperma-censor in my head. Except for today when I said loudly 'what the f* IS a... (whatever it was I referred to) just as a young child walked up behind me I was so very relieved when realised parents did not speak any English blush [hangs head in shame]

cafecito Tue 16-Jul-13 02:31:37

in my defence I was not fully in public, I was doing accounts in a makeshift office, did not expect tourists to wander in looking for sun hats grin

cafecito Tue 16-Jul-13 03:22:09

PS Jynier, yay re LCP. I am not meant to say this, as we are told it is a very very very good thing hmm but I am happy to see it go. I hope the next 6-12 months are not too shambolic. I think individualised and increased attention to excellent palliative care and EoL care is what's needed. It was scary, imo, the incentives, the unfettering support. I went to meetings at the hospital etc and asked, er, how the hell are patients not even being consented themselves and the response was it's not anyone's right to walk into a hospital and demand a treatment. we don't need consent. shock this was less than a year ago. I just hope there is funding there to meet the huge changes needed in its wake, and that its not just rebranded (which was spoken of at said meeting) and brought back as the same thing with a shiny new name

starsandunicorns Tue 16-Jul-13 06:47:42

Thankyou cafe no appt yet will chase it up dp is brill with her doing all the admin with her ie dentist app today shes going to her old town thurs to see friends etc we got a open ticket so she get can get back if things go wrong she loves art and found my colouring book so have let her have it we getting a contract phone this week her first ever her dad never let her have one we said she can have friends here so she said she see if her lil group will come up then proudy annouses five in her group so may have six 15 yrs old in the flat in a few weeks !!!!!!!!!!

this week is my last pay from angency then I have to wait six weeks till pay day glup

just want her to be happy

themidwife Tue 16-Jul-13 14:27:13

Hi Stars, have you applied for child tax credits & child benefit to supplement your income, plus of course child maintenance from your ex? It will make a huge difference to your income.

starsandunicorns Tue 16-Jul-13 17:57:23

Child benefit yes takes about four or five weeks csa called me as he called them I used to pay him but wont even strat the case till I got child benefit dont think we get child tax credits as dps wages so up and down and I dont want to get overpaid ( had that nightmare before) money is a complete mess at the min my kidneys have had a good clean as no bread in house this moring so no lunch pasta and a few peppers and couragtes for tea

themidwife Tue 16-Jul-13 20:10:59

It's still worth claiming even if you give a higher estimated annual household income & I'd claim csa ASAP anyway!!

cafecito Tue 16-Jul-13 21:02:33

def worth claiming stars, the calculation is done on the previous year's income up to last april so you can't get overpaid as such (she says) but lots and lots of admin. For a mobile. I used to have phone bills of over £300 with orange every month (!!!) so I switched to a capped contract with Tesco (so you NEVER go over a certain amount) which was 17.50 but now have a wonderfully bargainous Virgin mobile sim for £12! studenty wink it's not capped though so depends what you do with it

jynier Tue 16-Jul-13 23:41:08

Hi, all!

On reflection, I was probably a bit harsh with Vito. Poor girl must be in shock! Can't stay here long; usual problem with laptop! Best wishes to you all - have read all your posts!

MrsShrek3 Wed 17-Jul-13 01:07:39

oooh, I missed a bit. Just caught up
Good to hear everyone's news, and confirmation that café is indeed actually insane grin

jynier Wed 17-Jul-13 01:54:37

Hmm, Mrs! Our lives will be in cafe's hands! Huge responsibility!

cafecito Wed 17-Jul-13 01:56:44

^juggling scalpels.. hears name, looks up..........

drops scalpel

as you were grin

cafecito Wed 17-Jul-13 01:57:02


jynier Wed 17-Jul-13 02:02:22

Hahaha, cafe!

Am very proud of you! Don't worry about dropping the odd scalpel; will never be noticed!

KittyAndTheFontanelles Wed 17-Jul-13 04:15:23

Hi all. Phone still broken. Trying to prize MrKitty's phone away during the cricket is no easy task grin

jynier, I'm afraid you were very harsh with Vito. I'm going to be harsh with you now because I didn't like reading your post as much as you don't like swearing. You may not like swearing but it is allowed in this site and Vito has every right to post on this thread in the manner which suits her. She is obviously very angry and distressed and came on our thread for support. Your comments pushed her away and I think made us feel like an unfriendly lot. I think that is very sad. sad

Vito, if you are reading. Please come back if you want to. Swear all you like too if it helps. You are welcome here.

themidwife Wed 17-Jul-13 07:24:08

I'm afraid I agree with Kitty Jynier! I wish I had been brave enough to say so at the time! I will send her a pm asking her to return. blush

themidwife Wed 17-Jul-13 15:41:52

I have PMd Vito & she will come back tonight for support. Lets all make her all welcome!! smile

starsandunicorns Wed 17-Jul-13 18:18:30

Waves to all runs arounds thread dusting places gin beer pimms in fridge I made icecubes for drinks in the freezer sits and waits for people smile

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