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Sebastian Pritchard-Jones from 52 First Dates in today's Observer Magazine

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52firstdates Sun 07-Jul-13 10:17:07

Hi folks,

Unfortunately the original thread that I was posting on has expired, so I'm hoping someone of you who were speaking to me about this will see this. But finally the truth about Sebastian Pritchard-Jones came out in today's Observer Magazine. You can read it all here:


ALittleStranger Tue 09-Jul-13 09:25:04

I agree with Wembley. I think what happened to these women is very disturbing but I also think it was avoidable. Anyone posting this sort of thing on the mumsnet dating thread would have had some sense knocked into them!

MadBusLady Tue 09-Jul-13 09:41:56

Isn't one of the rules on that dating thread something like "It's all bullshit until something happens"? That alone is very useful!

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