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Positive stories from 40-something singles please

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KareninsGirl Sat 06-Jul-13 08:50:13

As the thread title suggests.

I'm early-40s and about to become single after a turbulent marriage. I really just want to hear some positive stories about life after marriage at this age.

Thank you

KareninsGirl Mon 08-Jul-13 01:18:45

Thank you once again for sharing. It is just so heartening to read these positive stories and as another poster said, have it there in black and white that it's ok, that life can be good and that some of you are now happy in relationships too.

Positive and powerful stuff, for which I, for one, am so appreciative.

mrscynical Mon 08-Jul-13 07:50:18

I was divorced at 42. I decided that meeting new friends was really important (had recently moved to a new town prior to divorce) and started going to my local pub which was had a great atmosphere. I joined a pub quiz team and met loads of people - men and women and made lots of mates. Through that I had a couple of one (sometimes two or three) night stands and had a wonderful time. I was wined and dined but wanted to stay single so just enjoyed myself. I eventually met a lovely man and lived with him for five years. However, we drifted apart but remained friends and my kids still adore him. He even takes them on holiday back to his home country and he regards them still as his stepsons.

After a few years on my own getting my career back on track I started internet dating and had a few flings which did my confidence no end of good and eventually decided I wanted a 'proper' relationship. At the age of 53 I have found the most wonderful man who I have now been dating for 6 months and just yesterday introduced him to my parents.

I can honestly say that I have had more fun since my divorce than I ever had in my twenties and certainly in my marriage. I have experience, confidence and a sense of fun that I believe makes me more attractive to men than I ever had before and therefore I am at last true to myself.

My kids see their father often and he even stays at my place if I go off for the odd weekend with my boyfriend. Ex husband, ex long-term boyfriend and new boyfriend have all met each other, talk about football and like each other. There have been difficult times I admit but overall it's all fantastic and I am so happy.

View divorce as an opportunity not a failure. Keep on good terms with ex partners as much as you can although, admittedly, this can take a few years to get working properly and remember you and your children need friends, family, positive role models, honesty and laughter to get to a place where it can all work out.

feelingvunerable Mon 08-Jul-13 08:12:58

What a lovely post mrscynical.

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