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I believe in my instinct re DH is lying....

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rincereuserecycle Wed 19-Jun-13 13:00:23

My gut is screaming at me and I hope you can help

Bit of background, 6mtsh ago I found texts on my DH phone of a sexual nature to and from an OW, cue big argument ,DH protested stupidity on his side nothing serious to it ,nothing like that ever happened before (so he said), he said that it was harmless and would never happen again. OW has since moved abroad.

At that time I reacted to quickly and did not have all my cards and he was able to delete everything before I saw full history.

Present day, my gut is screaming at me that there is more and I need to try to find out or I will go insane, well maybe not but you get my drift.

He has an Ipnone which I never get to and I don’t have one so not sure if I can even know how to use it.

Since then I have become very distrustful of him and I now believe he can lie so easily.

He says that he has no email account, this I do not believe as he is very knowledgeable IT wise, so I will come to my point and ask for your help to see if there is there any way for me to find if he has a secrete email account, I am not very technical so I would need your help with this.

We joint use the home desktop which he clears history regularly, any tips on what I should be looking for,I would be most grateful.

I know you will say that if the trust is gone than everything is gone, you are probably right but I will not be made a fool of and I have to believe in what I feel.

If I have left anything out I will answer all your questions.
thanks all.

sweetness86 Tue 25-Jun-13 20:58:07

He's hiding something trust your instinct I checked my husbands an found stuff i didn't like something told me to check.
Check his phone this will eat away at you

sweetness86 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:14:09

Sorry read the thread sad men are such wankers hope your ok op?

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