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Cheating again - karma for my friend or do I let it go?

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MexicanHat Sun 16-Jun-13 16:42:02

I have a very good friend. 6 years ago her H started an affair which ended in him leaving my pregnant friend (and their DS) for the OW. He left my friend's life in pieces - pregnant, having to move house with their 5 year old DS, while he carried on his new life.

It has taken my friend a long time to recover from this and rebuild her life - she has done it with absolute dignity, I admire her enormously. She never blamed the OW and put the full blame on her H (despite the OW knowing he was married with a DC and a pregnant wife).

Despite her heartbreak she has allowed the OW to become part of her DCs life, I just cannot imagine how hard this has been for her. The OW woman has been a cow - judging my friends parenting skills, rude behaviour (for example sitting with her back to her on family occasions, a whole list of things) my friend has risen above it.

A couple of weeks ago I found out for certain that my friends XH is cheating on the OW. I won't lie it made me smile, a lot. My first thought was 'what comes goes around comes around' I want to OW to find out - I want her to feel the pain that my friend felt. I haven' told my friend yet - WWYD?

Jux Sun 16-Jun-13 20:49:19

Can someone else tell the OW? No, silly idea.

Your friend may need to know, not only so she can be ready to support the children, but also to gird her loins against the possibility of her ex turning up on the doorstep expecting to be taken back now he's been kicked out by OW.

Bestseller Sun 16-Jun-13 21:09:13

What exactly did you see? I have been to the cinema and to a bar/restaurant with two married men who weren't my DH (on separate occasions over the last 20 years, don't make a habit of it!) I am/was most definitely not either of their OW.

Your friend has been wonderful. Let her maintain the higher ground. If you think it would help her, then tell her what you saw, but don't suggest she/you should do anything with the news.

MexicanHat Sun 16-Jun-13 21:35:59

I doubt they saw much of the film Best I didn't realise it was him until the lights went up. They walked out holding hands and into the bar across the road. It was an early afternoon showing at a busy town cinema btw not somewhere in the sticks. They looked like a couple. I know for a fact that he is still with the OW.

My friend has been away during the whit holidays but I'll be meeting up with her this week.

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