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Recovering from an op. Really miss my kids

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JojoMags Wed 22-May-13 12:45:02

Stuck in bed for the fourth week and feeling blue. I had an operation last month which means I can't lift or do much, supposedly for 6 weeks but looks like its going to be longer as recovery is slower than expected.

My DCs are 5 and 2. I can't lift or run after the 2yo so need mum and MIL to help. I know I'm incredibly lucky that they can do this, but my mum frankly can't cope with my lively (but honestly not naughty) boys and when they are with my MIL I don't see them from 7.30am til bed time. I'm not ungrateful for their incredible support, but I really want my kids back! Its so frustrating. Every time I seem a little better and try to do something normal I go backwards and end up in bed again. I'm 'supposed' to be back on my feet by now but I'm just not. The house is a tip. I keep having to call in sick to work. My husband is working 10 hours a day and I hate being dependent on him for everything. Just fed up.

Cheer me up. Please!

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 22-May-13 13:20:03

I know you want your kids back but it sounds like they're being well taken care of. It's only a few weeks so shelve your pride for a while & take the time to recover properly rather than keep attempting things and setting back your progress further. Good luck

BunchofTulips Wed 22-May-13 13:24:29

Touch wood I've never been in your situation but I'll give you some of my ideas. smile

My first thought was - accept. You are in a shit situation. No doubt. My sympathies go to you. What is it they say, change what you can and accept what you can't.

So, you aren't going to see much of your kids for a while. That is truly horrible but if you try to accept it rather than fighting it, maybe your body will relax more and heal quicker. Sorry if that is too woo. smile

Also, does your mil really have to take them away all day? Couldn't she spend the first or last few hours of the day at your house?

Could you hire a cleaner temporarily, just for a few weeks so that the house isnt' a tip. Again, it will calm you and your husband down enormously I would think.

I really hope I don't sound know all about this. I honestly think it sounds horrible for you. flowers

flanbase Wed 22-May-13 13:33:20

You're doing what it takes to get better and hopefully soon you'll be up and about. Take this time to rest and relax

JojoMags Wed 22-May-13 13:47:56

Thanks. You are right.

flanbase Wed 22-May-13 14:55:04

I know it's frustrating though - hope you get better soon

brokenk Wed 29-May-13 08:19:27

I know exacly what you going trugh
first time my wee boy which was 2 after being 2monthes in bed and not being able to play with him
he fergot me
it was totally heart breking and so totally cruel
but I can reassure you that as soon as I got better everything come bck to normal
try to spend as much time you can at home with him

the second time
it affected my DS psychologically
he developed some kind of nervous which is even worst for me But Ill do my best as soon Ill be able to walk again
so please I do understand how bad it is for you
and I just hope you will get better soon

brokenk Wed 29-May-13 09:45:40

*nervous tick

isitsnowingyet Wed 29-May-13 09:49:19

I don't know what you're going through - but it sounds like it's hard. Hope you're on the mend soon flowers

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