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Threads which really get to you.

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akaWisey Sun 19-May-13 22:29:19

I've just left a thread which has left me feeling a bit shit actually. I had to, I found it so disturbing.

Is there a thread worth having for talking about these things?

Chubfuddler Sun 19-May-13 22:33:54

Aka I think we were both on that thread. Op of it seems to have serious issues.

This thread will probs get deleted for breaking thread about a thread guidelines.

Don't give more of yourself than you can afford, usual advice but it is sound. Even if the op of that thread isn't listening hopefully there are women in similar thinking that kind of drama lama nonsense is normal - they'll realise it isn't I hope.

akaWisey Sun 19-May-13 22:40:20

Thank you chub I didn't realise I'd be breaking guidelines.

Yes, it was same thread.

LemonPeculiarJones Sun 19-May-13 22:40:57

I lurked on that one (if its the one I'm thinking of - there is a single shoe involved) and I thought the poster was a troll (am I allowed to say that on a different thread?!).

The feverish circularity and constant gradual narrative expansion just seemed fake to me.

akaWisey Sun 19-May-13 22:44:48

Well I was naive in thinking that this could be a thread which supported those who supported posters.

I can see that in internet posting it can't be. It's a shame.

MeNeedShoes Sun 19-May-13 22:49:46

I need a thread to help me understand WTF this thread is on. And OP you seem to be batting for both teams at once here.

<head explodes>

<leaves thread, utterly confused>

akaWisey Sun 19-May-13 22:55:16

mcneedshoes get your head back together. My OP has been answered by chub.

MeNeedShoes Sun 19-May-13 23:01:53

Okay, reading posts 1-3 head remains intact.

Head doesn't explode until posts 4 & 5.

<stops reading at 3 and flees while the going is good> wink

(Which thread was this one about?)

akaWisey Sun 19-May-13 23:07:23

mc your confusion is why I can see this thread is not a good idea and Im sorry about that.

Lweji Sun 19-May-13 23:09:28

Now, I'm confused. Who's mc?


akaWisey Sun 19-May-13 23:10:21


akaWisey Sun 19-May-13 23:11:35

Shit am i going to get banned for this then?

LemonPeculiarJones Sun 19-May-13 23:12:50

Wha?! I'm post 4 - was just saying I thought it was hairy handed work - then what happened?!


Did I reference the wrong thread?

Where am I?

akaWisey Sun 19-May-13 23:13:06

Shit am i going to get banned for this then?

Lweji Sun 19-May-13 23:15:24


which thread anyway?

ThingummyBob Sun 19-May-13 23:17:17

I doubt it grin

Don't worry and as Chub said, don't ever give more (emotionally) than you can afford to lose iyswim.

Theres nowt so queer as folk, as they say.

akaWisey Sun 19-May-13 23:19:11

No lemon. You didn't reference the wrong thread. Bt that's probably why it was a bad idea to post a thread about threads.


CVSFootPowder Sun 19-May-13 23:23:01

Before deletion, on this one. Yes, that thread really got to me. Not sure of the veracity of it TBH.

BOF Sun 19-May-13 23:26:13

There are a couple active tonight that are pretty troubling if true. I prefer to assume they are made up, tbh, and just hide them.

LemonPeculiarJones Sun 19-May-13 23:27:16

Don't be sorry Wisey - that thread obviously got to you. It bothered me a lot too but then I just started feeling too suspicious.

Hope we don't all get banned grin

ThisIsMummyPig Sun 19-May-13 23:30:25

I haven't seen the thread tonight, but there was one about a month ago, about a neighbour babysitting, which really, really upset me. That was on a Sunday night too.

It made me want to leave mumsnet. I didn't post because it was so obviously a troll

CVSFootPowder Sun 19-May-13 23:38:45

Mummypig, if it's the same thread I'm thinking of, it was deleted pretty quickly? Same one? You'll always get sick twunts on the net, the thread tonight is totally different but still disturbing in its own way.

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