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Is there something wrong with me?

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ohcluttergotme Sun 19-May-13 14:41:27

I am finding life a struggle atm with constant money worries over mortgage.
I've gave up drinking this year as was giving me no enjoyment & find my teen & toddler too demanding.
I have also recently started a new job.
I just don't want to see any of my friends. I used to be really sociable & would always be organising things.

Lately though with the demands of life when I get my son to bed I just want to chill with my dh & watch something for a few hours.

I feel like I'm being really reclusive. Do you think there's something wrong. Is it ok to distance yourself from all social events?

Doubtfuldaphne Sun 19-May-13 15:44:25

You've got a lot on your plate - don't feel guilty about it, have a break!
I don't really do anything and dont drink either. I'm quite happy this way as there's no extra stress. I just do simple stuff like a bit of shopping and cooking.. occasionally go for days out with the dc
Take some time out and start socialising when you feel like it.

If you are feeling depressed though, talk to your gp.

ohcluttergotme Sun 19-May-13 15:59:28

Thanks doubtful, see that's the thing I'm not sure if I'm depressed or not?
I don't think I am as sleeping well, eating fine, can find enjoyment in my day & look forward to the future when my ds goes to school and our financial situation improves.
I just feel that my oldest and what used to be my closest friends I don't have much in common with. I feel that I barely get a minute to myself & if I ever have a previous spare hour I don't want to waste it hearing about my friends life's that just don't interest me, does that sound bad? I only want to be with people who get the trials an tribulations of bringing up children & what it feels like to struggle with mortgage. Atm that's my dh.
Thanks for your reply x

Doubtfuldaphne Sun 19-May-13 16:04:22

I'm exactly the same! I'm not really worried about it as I'm happy and that's what counts. I don't think you sound depressed either.
Going out is so expensive anyway, stay in and enjoy it!

The only thing that annoys me is when our friends tell us about their holidays or new things and I know we probably won't have that but I still look forward to our future and appreciate the little things smile

ohcluttergotme Sun 19-May-13 16:20:39

That's where Facebook is a killer, lots of friends with holiday snaps, new cars etc. We have no spare cash just now but keep trying to think there's more to life. I just want to be around people who are calm & happy. I've noticed lately that 2 of my oldest friends are so negative. One rents off council and her rent is dirt cheap & she's always on holiday but moans and try's to tell me what to do. My other friend bought her home with shared equity & her mortgage is tiny, she doesn't have any kids & first friend has one.
We bought a 3 bed house just before market crashed & now in negative equity..sigh! I like being at home & when I get my ds to bed at 7 just want to relax for a few hours.
Going to not feel guilty. We're meant to be meeting for lunch next weekend but think I'll cancel x

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