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what does your DP do around the house ?- fed up.

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ruledbyheart Thu 16-May-13 15:24:00

Sick of my DP at the moment, I feel like he does fuck all and I have had enough.
Fair enough he works but only evenings for upto 6hours 5 night's a week.
During the day he will do the school runs but that is it, he may also wash up or empty the bins if I ask him several times, he doesn't even put his plates in the sink or his stuff away he leaves it all on the sides for someone else to deal with.

He doesn't do anything with my DCs or even look after his dog unless told too.
I'm 27 weeks pregnant and fed up with having to look after him too, I also work from home 2 days a week and out of the house one night a week.

When it comes to this baby he has left it all down to me, buying everything and making all the decisions when asked for his input all I get is "whatever you want", the pregnancy and baby books I bought him have been left untouched.
I know when this baby is born I will either be left to do everything or he will make my other 3 dc feel left out as he does nothing with them.

Financially he barely contributes I get 200 a month from him for everything including food, living expenses, bills and rent, I pay for everything else.

Is it just me or am I wasting my time, is this normal? Do your DPs do more?

NB DP does have depression but is on medication to control this.

Hareseeker Thu 16-May-13 23:04:57

My DP does all the cooking for a family of six.
All the shopping.
All the gardening.
Arranges all holidays .
Makes all the suppers.
Makes all evening drinks.
Runs then kids around.
I do everything else and it works well.

Sorry you are having a tough time, you are getting lots of lovely support here.

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