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This is the dating thread 54, all welcome!

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JulietteMontague Wed 15-May-13 23:36:57

All very welcome to share online and real life dating experiences.

48howdidthathappen Thu 16-May-13 08:06:43

Place marking.

Hi All wink

Being trying to keep up, but life very full on at mo.
Loads of mum stuff and family shite sad
Also work, DD, 4 horses, dog and cat.

Things with Mr R&R are just fucking amazing grin

I love this thread smile smile smile

KinNora Thu 16-May-13 08:15:01

Lovely to see you Lubes and 48, oh and hear, hear about loved up people, proof that it can be attained.

And of course you too, Velvet and Juliette - have a marvellous day

JulietteMontague Thu 16-May-13 08:29:30

Good morning Kin, good morning Velvet, good morning 48, good morning Miranda, good morning All grin

I'm not sure if I am officially loved up with Dutch yet I've just pulled, which is reason enough for grin

JulietteMontague Thu 16-May-13 08:31:16

And Flipper and Rose and Kirsty and Lubey and grin

Secretservice Thu 16-May-13 08:43:27

Just popping in to say that actually Ivorbigun is mine and ^not* Nora's

JoylessFucker Thu 16-May-13 08:51:14

I couldn't find you <wails> and even started a new thread <over-excited emoticon> but here you are <phew>

My dating news is pretty much same old, same old. I'm chatting ... but the ones I'm interested in disappear and the ones still there I simply cannot get the enthusiasm to meet up with. I did meet up with someone I started talking to on the Times site and have talked to for 2 years (yes, TWO!!!) I'd happily put him in the friend box but he finally decided to be brave and pressed for a meet. It went well, we had a lovely evening, he was unable to take his eyes off me, there was mucho affectionate stuff and snogging. Then, back to usual late night phone call talking about everything and nothing, but no suggestion of second date. Good thing I have you lot to keep me grounded eh ...

ike1 Thu 16-May-13 08:56:36

Might be a grower Kin 'dunno' haha,,,if he messages to ask for another meet up I might go, we will see. Meanwhile I might catch the zeitgeist and ask out an attractive builder who reckons he is more Howard than Gary Barlow. Wine I would reply with 'Whatevs then, you Scum egg...dont contact me again.'

ike1 Thu 16-May-13 09:01:15

I love the term 'scum egg' Mark E Smith uses it in C.R.E.E.P about guys like young un.

JoylessFucker Thu 16-May-13 09:20:03

I did arf at Nora's grower question too ike. Was getting concerned I was only one doing childish chuckle. Liking the sound of that builder ...

Wine ... and breathe. Thank goodness you're out of that. Seriously unpleasant piece of work.

skye there's always the chance that he may have walked into massive work panic, but I'd not angst over it. If he did, then down to him to contact, explain and apologise. Otherwise, he's a nutter, so NEXT!

SP weird messages eh? Yes, I've had a few of those this week. Its been a while so I was a bit hmm but I forgot about those lovely chaps that don't read profiles. My withering prose normally sorts out any wankers person considering wasting my time.

JulietteMontague Thu 16-May-13 09:22:53

Which Ivorbiggun do I look for, so many to choose from although I may go for the one who asks "do you wanna see my wang"

Snapespeare Thu 16-May-13 09:24:24

<place-marks by dancing around thread scattering rose petals and being insufferably 'loved-up'> [vom]

wine what a bell-end.

ike boooooooooooooooooooooo. It's a bit wearing to enter into each new assignation with hope and then it's just not there. Onwards!

lubey hurrah for shag date!

<waves at rest of thread>

Moanranger Thu 16-May-13 09:32:11

You know, the best way to deal with all this dating malarkey is to think of it as practice!
So: initial meeting -practice; subsequent dates-practice; even initial DTD-practice. Eventually, the Real Deal will come along & in the meantime, you've had lots of practice. wine is this any help/ consolation/ what have you in coming to terms with latest twat?
My commiserations - dating is shite...

TigsytheTiger Thu 16-May-13 09:35:56

Morning, my little lovebirds - place marking

ike1 Thu 16-May-13 09:36:24

I feel ok about it though...we chatted about all sorts it was a nice evening...the pub was a good choice you are right OWW. and I didnt drink too much. Taught me there is nothing to be nervous or sared of. Just to GET ON WITH IT!

ike1 Thu 16-May-13 09:41:10

scared. Its just there was no mega chemistry...he is a really interesting person and a genuine eccentric artist type...doesnt like to charge too much for his work that sort of thing. Thinking of flogging high end wood burners to Londeners so he can do small scale charitable stuff. That kinda thing. Proper crusty guy. I think I have realised I am not really like that any more though.

TigsytheTiger Thu 16-May-13 09:51:12

good practice then Ike as Moanranger says, the more you know what you don't want, means you are clearer about what you do want?

Scrazy Thu 16-May-13 09:52:01

Ike, see it wasn't worth all the nerves after all. Think of it as practise for now, you had a reasonably pleasant evening, didn't fancy him so NEXT!

Wine, what a cock and I don't say this lightly, some men no matter what their age never gain emotional intelligence or simply don't give a shit.

Lubey, hi, have fun on your date. When you are really bored have a read of the last thread, if you have time that is.

I've got a full weekend planned. Seeing my current of Friday then off out on Saturday.

ScumbagCollegeDropout Thu 16-May-13 09:52:27

Just de-lurking to put in my 2 cents. Probably a tad too late but in my defence I am on the other side of the world to you lot.

I have lurked since thread 20 odd and only posted a handful of times since then. But when I have posted I have had a few replies from those on the dating thread. All been very helpful smile

I read along all the time, just don't post as, and this may sound weird, my relationship with a lovely bloke from OD has pretty much followed the same path as Snape and Nameless. Well except for the holiday part envy. Whenever I have had a niggle, it seems to be the course of the relationship because Snape posts very similar concerns that I have at the time. So I just follow the advice you all give her. No need to post. The only other small niggles I have gotten has been regarding him having bipolar and I hop on over to the MH boards for that side of our relationship.

So yeah, in a roundabout way I am saying that as an occassional poster I have never felt unwelcome on the dating thread. And as a lot of you have been posting for months in the small confines of this thread then it is only natural that you become friends and post as such. Happens on forums all the time. But I have never felt like an intruder. Why would I? This thread, and indeed this forum, is open to all. Good ol' internet.

<waves to thread>


JulietteMontague Thu 16-May-13 10:00:37

Good evening College <waves> I think this thread serves a lot of us well in all sorts of ways, I do count people on here as good friends and yes I do care abot them. It's been a lifeline to me on more than one occasion.

Ike so no growing potential then? Regardless, you did it, had a good time and have that one under your belt. All good.

TigsytheTiger Thu 16-May-13 10:09:18

College? I wanted to type Scumbag!! what a great name! I agree, I read advice for other people and it serves me well too.

JulietteMontague Thu 16-May-13 10:14:34

Tigsy is cos I'm prime innit grin

JulietteMontague Thu 16-May-13 10:15:40

Is cos I is prim innit, soz

ike1 Thu 16-May-13 10:19:50

Yes it might have growing potential Jules but I am not so keen that I would message him first and am happy to date others. Actually that was something like my 9th Online date but spread over 4 years...I met Torso on Match. My problem is I tend not to do many and get really picky and snobby....they have to be a bit 'alternative' and 'eccentric'. I am beginning to realise that maybe this is not my type now.

ike1 Thu 16-May-13 10:24:29

One of my mates met her fiance on line ...she is like me arty and alternative...had kids by someone in a sucessful band who turned out to be a knob of the highest order. She has found true love with someone who is not like that at all....

ike1 Thu 16-May-13 10:26:49 that he is Mr Steady ...not particularly into music or art or anything like that. But she really fancies him, he is a loving stable partner and she does the alternative vibe with her mates and occasionally he will go to poetry sessions with her.

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