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Critical mother

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FrogInABog Mon 13-May-13 20:29:50

I am living with my mum, and have been since 7 months pregnant. I can't afford to move out so am trying to save rather than going into council housing. This means it could be another 5-6 month's realistically.

My mum is a very self centered person, and Nome stop criticises everything I do with DD. If she cries she will come into the room tutting and saying 'poor DD, my children never had to put up with crying, you were all happy" and similar, if I make noises when tickling her or playing etc she will say you should be talking to her you'll make her autistic, and again compare how much better she was,

if I take DD out she finds something to criticise, constant comments like "what sort of mother does that" or "stop being so selfish you should be at home while she's a baby, shell hate you when she's older" even about soft play and baby groups.

I have tried again and again to ask her to stop comparing me to her, and said that it's making me feel depressed and not want to do anything even with DD but she just says well its making ne depressed seeing what DD has to pit up with.

Does anyone have any coping strategies or ways to distance myself from her for the next few months? I have spent half if today crying sad

KeepCoolCalmAndCollected Mon 13-May-13 20:57:17

Don't stop going to soft play and baby groups, babies love the stimulation, and to be quite frank it sounds as if you need to surround yourself with some nice people because your mother sounds quite nasty.

And don't worry about your baby crying they all do when they're tired or hungry. Some people (my mother included) was very intolerant about crying.

Try not to let it hurt you or certainly try not to show it does, because she will do it more.

I would try and get to as many baby groups as you can to avoid her, but be prepared, because she obviously does not like your independence away from her.

KeepCoolCalmAndCollected Mon 13-May-13 21:11:30

Just read your thread again and wanted to say how awful it is that the one person who should love you unconditionally is trying to annihilate your self-worth and confidence.

With people like this, WHATEVER you do it will never be good enough.
Once you have your own place a huge weight will lift off your shoulders, so hang on in there and don't let her bully you.

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