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Completely lost it this morning

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Mosman Fri 03-May-13 04:28:09

We are booked in for couples counselling at 1.30 today.
I woke up this morning ate my tea and toast as normal, got up and something just snapped in me.
I pointed out to him that with me booking a weekend away in London and her going on holiday basically they fucked on every opportunity they had within a six week period and he said "well yeah I told you that" and that was it I flipped.
Slammed the bathroom door shut and he then tried to get to me in the bathroom, well that was it.
I emptied his clothes on to the bed and told him to get out, he tried to put his stuff back and that just wound me up more, I punched him on the back of the head, he threw me onto the bed and I carried on picking his stuff up and throwing it out the door onto the ground, told him to sleep in his car if he has no money.

I've finally cracked haven't I ? 12 weeks later and I am as angry as the day I found out, maybe more so.
But half of me keeps thinking for god sake it was a half hearted attempt at an affair, he couldn't perform after 4 attempts they gave up and it fizzled out really quickly.
What's the matter with me when I read in glasses book "not just friends" that other people forgive shagging their husbands business partner/best friend/years of infidelity ???

cinnamonsugar Fri 03-May-13 20:12:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cinnamonsugar Fri 03-May-13 20:16:46

Sorry!!! Re: my comment of 20:12 I totally misread what you wrote, mosman

Mosman Sat 04-May-13 01:55:53

God I know it was wrong of me. I've never done anything like it before.
The counsellor told him to stop talking about "we" there is no we

newbiefrugalgal Sat 04-May-13 08:07:06

Can he not move out?

Mosman Sat 04-May-13 08:17:45

Unfortunately not he'd have to literally sleep in the car and if that resulted in him loosing his job we are all fucked and of course why would he then give me his wages if he isn't in the house to benefit from them. He is however on the sofa

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