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Help me get through today

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Spiceroots Fri 26-Apr-13 04:34:48

I recently have had to taken on more hours of work.
I generally work from home but for this project have had to work almost ft away from home.

I've always done the lions share of work with the house and dc and this past 3 months I've continued to do so but have really struggled.

H has also been under tremendous pressure having taken on alot this last few months.

Whilst he is a great dad he isn't a great husband.

Last night I got in very late for me, and was exhausted. H kept picking on little things and we kept bickering. I finally had enough and said I wanted to go to bed and pushed past him to go to the toilet and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back, d had smacked me across the face....
He then shoved me in the bathroom and locked the door and wanted to talk, because I said I wanted to leave.

I had a major major panic attack.

I was finally allowed out if the bathroom and h stormed out, and I crawled into bed. Now he's muttered an apology at me and is carrying on as though everything is normal.

I have to finish this project I'm working on, and for dc sake i need to keep things normal. But I feel like I'm not really here and not sure how I'm going to survive the day.

Just need to write all down, because I feel like I'm hallucinating .....

NotTreadingGrapes Fri 26-Apr-13 13:42:09

Can you tell us what country you are in? Maybe some MN expats will be able to give you more concrete advice. There is always somewhere you can turn to for help. PM one of us on here if you don't want to put it on a thread?

FlightyAphrodite Fri 26-Apr-13 13:57:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotTreadingGrapes Sat 27-Apr-13 08:35:31

How did it go yesterday OP?

Spiceroots Sat 27-Apr-13 18:06:08

My posts are getting lostsad

I'm ok, have come down with a nasty cold and cough.

H is acting like everything has gone back to normal. Its as though the other night never happened.

I'm starting to feel as though that I'm losing my mind.

My poor mum has been on the phone constantly but I've my voice!

H has taken dc out for dinner and every time I start to think about the other night I start getting panic attacks.

I just want to fast forward to next month

saulaboutme Sun 28-Apr-13 03:31:32

Op this is a huge wake up in your relationship. You know you don't deserve to be treated like this.

Recognise that this kind of abuse, which it is, follows the pattern tour husband is displaying.

You will only be happy if you and dcs happy are and healthy and away from his issues. so sorry you're ill now but men who behave like this will carry on if they've allowed. I suppose men and women do.
Find your strength and give yourself the happiness you deserve.
So glad your parents are supporting you.

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